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I can't get rich online and neither can you. Topics include why you won't get rich with your blog, ideas you wish you had thought of, and other Internet phenomena.

Don't kid yourself...

You want to get rich with your blog? Maybe you think Adsense will let you retire? Sorry, it's not going to happen.

What This Site is About

The Internet is a vast and magical place. According to some, you can pull money out of it hand over fist. So far I’ve noticed that this rule mainly applies to the smart, the clever, and the lucky. I’ve spent many nights trying to come up with new and interesting ways to make money online, but nothing ever seems to come to me.

I’ve finally figured out why. All of the good ideas are taken. There’s nothing left. Want to get rich blogging? It’s been done. Want to make money off of Internet memes? It’s been done. All of the good ideas are taken. Don’t believe me? Just spend 5 minutes looking around online and you’ll see that most of the money-making sites out there are just straight copies of bigger, more successful sites. Nothing is left.

So now what? I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m late to the party. I can’t make money online, and I’ll bet that you can’t either. In order to make us both feel even more miserable, I’m going to talk about all of those lucky folks who do make big chunks of change through the series of tubes. Every day I’m going to write about some smart, ingenuitive, or just plain lucky bastard out there who made it big by doing what the rest of us were too slow to think of.

Tune in every day, and we can all have a nice, big pity party. Pass the tissues.

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