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You want to get rich with your blog? Maybe you think Adsense will let you retire? Sorry, it's not going to happen.

John Chow dot Com

The King of MoneyMight as well start big. You can’t really talk about making money online without talking about John Chow. The man is a shining beacon in the blogging community, the bearer of the Holy Grail of blogging: Making money with your blog by blogging about how much money you make. With his legion of devoted readers growing every day, John Chow’s empire will keep growing, his sponsors will keep pouring money into his site, and he’ll probably make enough to comfortably maintain his 4 hour work week for the next century or two.

The man everybody wants to be

John Chow dot Com has spawned more copycats and imitators than any other site on the Internet. Everybody would love to make money like he does, so it seems like 1 out of every 20 blogs out there is a straight rip of his site. There are so many junk ‘blogging about making money by blogging’ sites out there that these days I automatically close my browser if I see a banner with a car in it. What’s worse is that they all have the same tag line: “The *blank* *blank* of a dot com mogul”. Most of the copycats probably don’t even know what a mogul is. If you come across a John Clone site, don’t even bother reading it as they probably stole most of their material from their rich Asian parent.

How he makes his money

The man has enough affiliate networks to fund a small third world country. He also has a grid of brightly colored flashing ads on his right sidebar that I automatically tune out. Another big earner and interesting feature is where you give him $400, and he reviews your site. Of course, most reviewees don’t really care about the content of the review, only that they got plugged on the front page of his site. This leads to what is known as the John Chow effect. The reviewed blog gets an enormous rush of traffic for 1-2 days, and then drops back to its previous piddly amount once everybody realizes how lame the site is. If you’re interested in the specifics of his massive wealth, check out his October income report. Over $23k last month. Feel free to drool, because you’ll never make that much.

Other content

When he’s not blogging about his private island with yachts and personal stripper factory, he does occasionally show us mortals the delicious food he can afford. Other topics include his family and how generous he is.

Why you can’t be him

As I mentioned earlier, John Chow has over 9,000 clones out there. Most of these people grab his old WordPress theme, copy his content, sign up for around 20 ad agencies, and hope for the best. The one thing they don’t seem to get is the key to John’s success: readers. John Chow dot Com gets hundreds of thousands of views every month (maybe even more?), and that’s why he’s raking in the cash. Your little blogger blog gets 20 views per month, and that’s mostly just you accessing it from different IPs.

The bottom line

John Chow dot Com is an amazing story of success. The man is a marketing genius, and with all of the steam currently driving his site, it’s unlikely that he’ll slow down any time soon. To John: I salute you.

To his readers: Stop trying to copy him.

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