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Digg is Bad For Your Blog


So you want to make some money off of the Digg effect, do you? Bad idea. While it may be an enormously popular site, and has the potential to drive thousands of hits to your blog, you don’t want to mess with Digg. Trust me, it will all end in tears.

What is Digg

If you don’t know what Digg is, you must be new to the Internet. Digg is a massively popular news aggregator that was created awhile ago by some smart guy. It gets millions of page views every month, and it’s currently worth more than you’ll make in your entire life. It used to be a tech site (like Slashdot), but has since become a general news site.

How it works

All content on the site is user-submitted and moderated. What that basically means is that, regardless of how interesting or unique your submission is, whoever has the most friends wins. Certain online communities have sprung up that thrive on the ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ mentality. If a story gets enough diggs, it appears on the front page. Get a ton of diggs and your story will get lodged in the sidebar for a few hours.

Why bloggers want it

Who wouldn’t want to get tens of thousands of hits to their site? Getting a front page story on Digg guarantees hits, exposure, and temporary Internet fame. That’s assuming your site doesn’t get dugg.

The Digg effect

Posting your story on Digg is like inviting Michael Moore over for dinner. If you get noticed, he might just come over for awhile and have a nice chat. Maybe admire your house and promise to come back to visit. Then again, he’ll probably just eat all of your food and make a nasty documentary about you. Digg users are some of the nastiest, angriest people on the Internet (just short of the World of Warcraft forums and 4chan), and one thing is for certain: They hate blogs. You see, it’s hard to fool the Digg collective. They know that you want to use the thousands of hits the Digg effect provides to generate some quick cash. You may actually pull it off, and if you’re very lucky, you may gain a few readers. On the other hand, they may crash your site, corrupt your database, and cause your bandwidth bill to skyrocket.

The bottom line

Unless you have a lot of interesting content and a very robust hosting provider, don’t bother with Digg. You may make a few bucks, but you’ll probably just end up with a whopping bandwidth bill and an angry server admin.

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2 Responses to “Digg is Bad For Your Blog”

  1. Sensei Says:

    I’ve gotten “Dugg” twice on my sports car site and have had nothing but good results. Yes, it’s enormous bandwidth for a day or two, but with a good host it’s fine. I use Mediatemple, and they didn’t even slow down during the Digg frenzy. I got a few more readers and some positive AdSense numbers. You’re right though in that they’re angry, every little thing they criticize, it’s ridiculous. Anyway, here’s a report I did on Digg traffic after the effect, check it out:


  2. Henry Says:

    The negative slant of this website is affecting your perceived jugdement of the potentially explosive and beneficial traffic boost you could get.

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