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The Something Store

The Something Store

Here’s an interesting new site. SomethingStore.com is an online store that sells you…something. For just $10, you get something completely random. It might be an iPod, it might be a paper clip. Who knows? At the time of this writing, they’ve sold nearly 400 somethings, or $4,000. Whether they have turned a profit or not is unknown.

Why they’ll probably be successful

Everybody loves being surprised, and if you look at the something tracker, you’ll notice that some of these surprise gifts are very nice indeed. Even more than being surprised, everybody loves to get something for nothing, or at least something for very little. Look at the something tracker. Right now, I see an MP3 player, a camcorder, and Halo 3. All of those items cost over $50, so spending only $10 seems like a great deal, right? Actually, this site seems more like a lottery than a store. Not necessarily a bad thing, as the lottery is very successful.

Sound familiar?

You may remember a certain fad that swept eBay a few years ago. Someone auctioned a ‘mystery envelope’, which was said to contain some valuable object. It doesn’t really matter what was in there, because the copycats took notice and suddenly eBay was flooded with mystery envelopes, boxes, and other such containers. Doing a search right now for ‘Mystery Envelope’ pulls up 309 auctions, so the fad still hasn’t died down.

The bottom line

Everybody loves to get something for nothing, and the creators of The Something Store are banking on that fact. Best of luck to you guys, and I’ll bet the rest of you wish you’d thought of that.

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2 Responses to “The Something Store”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Well thanks for the Post on it, when I was checking your archives I found this post and bought something! :D

  2. Liz Says:

    Your article makes it seem much more peppy and intriguing than it actually is. After ordering 3 somethings, received items you could find at the 99c store. (Art coloring kit, tool set, cheap junk bracelet). Ugh….

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