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You Can’t Get Rich if Your Entries are too Long

Big Ad #1Have you ever noticed that some bloggers like to go on and on and on? Do you ever read the entire entry if it’s over 1,000 words? Unless your article is pure gold, you may want to shorten your entries.

As you’re writing, think about the message or idea that you want to get across. Then think about how you can get it done in as few words as possible. Do you go into detail where none is required? Are you repeating yourself? Are you asking too many rhetorical questions? All of these can be trimmed off to make your article shorter.

Another important thing to consider is your audience: When are they reading your site? What’s their average age group? I write daily entries for a college news site, and my editor pulls my articles if they’re over 200 words long. Her reasoning is that college students are busy, on-the-go types of people. That’s a nice way of saying they’ve all got ADD and would rather be drinking or partying. In any case, you need to know your audience. If your target audience is mid-30s businessmen who only have five minutes to read before the meeting, you need to recognize that fact and write accordingly.


Gratuitous Picture

What if you want your entry to appear long? There is a lower boundary to word count after all. Too long, readers lose interest. Too short, readers think you’re lazy. If you want to achieve a happy middle ground without writing any more, do what I’ve been doing in this article: Insert images. Whether they’re advertisements or something to do with the subject of the article, images help to grant the illusion of a longer article.

In conclusion, don’t over-stuff your audience, but don’t leave them starving either. Find a happy medium and you’re readers will stick around for more.

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