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You Can’t Get Rich if You Run Out of Ideas

No, I’m not running out of material, but you might be. I have to admit, though, running out of ideas for this site is a big fear of mine. I mean, updating every day requires a lot of creativity, right? I don’t consider myself especially creative, but I haven’t run out of ideas yet, so I guess that counts for something. In fact, I have two full (college ruled) pages of ideas waiting to be used. You may want to know how I came up with so many topics. Well, I’m feeling generous, so I’ll share a few techniques with you.

Boredom plays a big role in creativity. If you don’t have anything better to do, you might as well write, right? I’m actually sitting on a train right now, two hours away from my stop. I don’t have anything else to occupy my attention with, so I’m writing. This will be the fourth article I’ve written in the last hour and a half. Productivity feels great.

A change of scenery
Even if you don’t have any train rides planned in the near future, you can still get out of your bedroom/office/study to get some fresh air. Take your laptop to the park or the coffee house and just zone out. If you don’t have a laptop, grab a notebook and a pen and jot down everything that comes to mind. You’ll be surprised where inspiration can strike. A cell phone going off in an otherwise quiet environment might prompt an angry rant. An overheard conversation might spark a thoughtful article. My theory is that the air is full of ideas, and when you sit in one place for too long, you suck all of the ideas out of the room. Go somewhere else, or at least open a window.

Other sites
What’s Shoemoney up to? What did John Chow eat for dinner last night? I’m not saying you should plagarize, but depending on the content of your site, you might just find some inspiriation in their articles. For example, let’s say John Chow had Indian food last night. You might have had Indian food last week, and it sent you to the hospital. Your attending doctor was very rude, and you know he graduated from Indiana University. You can now rant about how IU beat Purdue last weekend. Let your train of thought run all over the place, derail, start flying, whatever. Every usable idea buys you another day to come up with more usable ideas.

Be reasonable
The very least you can do is set a reasonable update schedule. If you can’t write a new article every day, then don’t. Let your readers know that you’re only going to update every other day. Then, if you happen to update on the off days, it’s like an added bonus. Just remember, the worst thing you can do is get frustrated. If you have a serious case of writer’s block, stop trying and go do something else. My best ideas come to me when I’m doing something completely unrelated to not getting rich. Go play video games, go workout, go do something. Ideas will eventually come to you.

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