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You Can’t Get Rich With World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

I used to play World of Warcraft, a popular online MMO. Alright, get all of the booing out of your system. I had nothing better to do and a lot of my old friends from high school play too. Anyway, one of the things that really bothered me about the game was the fact that lots of people were trying to make a quick buck off of it. It was really annoying and tended to ruin the gameplay. If you’ve ever thought about trying to monetize WoW, please, read on so I can tell you why you’re wrong.

Gold Farmers

These guys were the worst. Camping resource points, ganking n00bs, spamming the trade channels with “YUO BUY 100 GOLD 10 US DOLLAR”. For casual gamers on a budget like myself, this was really annoying. Unfortunately, there was demand for their services. Your average 12 year old with a short attention span and mommy’s credit card loves to buy cheap WoW gold. Instead of working for their epics loots, they’d just buy them (with the aforementioned cheap gold).

The gold farming business in China is thriving, mostly due to their lack of labor laws. Your typical gold farmer can bring in several hundred to a couple thousand gold per day making $1/hour. The end result of this practice was massive in-game inflation that drove prices through the roof. Suddenly, the only people who could afford the expensive items were those who had bought cheap gold online.

Don’t even try to copy this practice. You may think you can sell WoW gold for a quick buck, but there’s no way you can keep up with the sweat shops. Plus, it makes you a horrible person.

Hey wait a sec

Aw, you caught me. You might have noticed that I’m bolding certain words. I’m doing an SEO experiment. Ignore them.

Selling your account

Another common practice in the WoW-for-cash business is selling characters. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, because it only really works for people retiring from the game forever. If you were to buy an account, level the character, get decent gear, and then sell it on eBay, your average hourly wage would be somewhere less than a fry cook. Do yourself a favor and get a real job.

The bottom line

World of Warcraft is a game, not a job. You’re not going to make any money playing games, especially when the game costs $15/month. Also, if you want to buy cheap WoW gold, powerleveling services, or premade accounts, please find someplace better to spend your time and money.

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2 Responses to “You Can’t Get Rich With World of Warcraft”

  1. bloggernoob Says:

    im a fan of the other blizzard game. starcraft but wow is cute. Yeah hard to make money from wow. prob better to try secondlife

  2. TreatInfamy Says:

    don’t forget the physical consequences of playing WoW 10000 hours a week- back pain, sore ass, and weak eyes. you’ll probably gain ten pounds too.

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