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Random Thoughts

Sorry guys, I can’t write about how to stay poor every day. I thought today I’d share some random site-related things with you.


My linkbait contest seems to be working pretty well. If you search for ‘can’t get rich’ I’m the 6th result. Search for ‘can’t get rich online’ and I’m number 1. I’ve gotten a few hits from google searching for those phrases, so it appears that I’m not the only frustrated person out there.


My rank has improved by about 2 million over the last week. It won’t be long before I break the 500,000 barrier, and I’d like to break 250,000 by the end of the year.


I’ve gotten a few hits from Entrecard, but barely any from the sites I’ve advertised on. I’m assuming the few hits from the entrecard site are just people who are popping in to drop their cards, which means I’m not retaining any readers. I’ll leave the ad box up there for another month to see if traffic improves. Also, this site now costs 29 credits to advertise on (everybody starts at 2). That puts me well inside the realm of mediocrity. John Chow is up top with a cost of 74 credits.

Both Shoemoney and John Cow rejected my advertising requests. No hard feelings here, but I’m wondering why those guys even bother to put up the Entrecard Ad when people are already paying them for 125×125s. It’s obvious that smaller blogs like mine will just try to take advantage of their enormous reader base to try to get a few hits.

One last thing about Entrecard. I’ve been approving pretty much every ad that gets sent my way, but I absolutely refuse to run political blog ads. I don’t want to look like I’m supporting any specific ideologies (except not getting rich). Sorry guys, but I don’t want to alienate any potential readers.


Let’s play a game. If you can guess how many hits I’ve received from Blogrush, I’ll write a review of your site sometime in the near future. Whoever is closest without going over wins. HINT: It’s not a very large number.

My Blogrush widget might be going the way of the dodo soon (maybe to be replaced by mybloglog?).


I’m actually surprised at the number of RSS readers I have. It’s a good feeling knowing that people like what you write.


16.3% of my visitors are still using IE. I think I’ll dedicate an entire entry to IE at some point in the future (You Can’t Get Rich if Your Browser is Broken). Go download Firefox or Opera.

See you guys tomorrow.

My $100 Apple gift certificate contest is still going! Go enter!

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3 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. jackbravo Says:

    Nice site. Original idea. Interesting read - consider me subscribed! (except I do the monetize my personal blog thing). :)

  2. Derek Anderson Says:

    I guess 5 hits from BlogRush…and I have arrived here via Entrecard

  3. Geoff Says:

    Well Derek, since nobody else is guessing, it looks like you’ll be getting a review sometime soon.

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