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Ice Cold

Not cool

My results from Blogrush have been lackluster. Derek over at Widgets Lab was pretty close two days ago when he guessed 5 hits from the Blogrush widget. The correct answer was in fact 4 hits since I put the widget up (16 days ago). Has anybody out there had any noticeable gains from Blogrush?

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4 Responses to “Ice Cold”

  1. Colin King Says:

    I knew it was bad, but this is really SAD! I’m glad I didn’t waste my time with it. On the other hand you could say that’s five visitors that you might never have gotten by other means ;)

  2. Derek Anderson Says:

    It is bad! Here are the numbers I have seen from BlogRush.

    For the entire month of November (excluding a few hours today) WidgetsLab has received 20(twenty) hits total.

    In contrast, Entrecard has delivered 103 visitors in half the time. 15 (fifteen) days the Entrecard widget/ad has been on WidgetsLab.

    Now, whether or not the visits have converted into subscribers or revenue is something I have been unable to determine. However, there is a far greater chance for that happening with potentially 200+ visits from Entrecard over a month than the lousy 20 that I have seen from BlogRush (soon to be BlogFlush)

  3. Derek Anderson Says:

    after looking closer at my Entrecard stats I ahve discovered that I was in error.
    I have had 289 visitors from Entrecard. Not the 103 that I mentioned above.

    Sorry for this error in reporting. But it still stands that Entrecard is a far better traffic generator than BlogRush

  4. Jonathan Says:

    I think both Entrecard and BlogRush stink, but I must say, even though BlogRush returns a pitiful number of hits, the hits are of much higher quality than EntreCard. Entrecard visists last an average of a few seconds, long enough for the viewer to find my widget and move on, wheras BlogRush visitors seems to stay for a minute or two, likely because they actually wanted to read the article whos headline they clicked on, not just drive up their credits as with entrecard.

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