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You’ll Never be as Lucky as Tay Zonday

Once upon a time, there was an unknown composer and musician named Tay Zonday. Tay had a remarkable voice but lackluster writing skills. Nevertheless, he published videos on Youtube, showing the world his works. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), one of his videos fell into the hands of a bunch of racist hyperactive lunatics.

You may know them better as 4chan or /b/.

With the intent of mocking and humiliating him, /b/ inadvertently drove Tay’s song “Chocolate Rain” to the top of Youtube’s ‘most watched’ list…and then others started watching. Suddenly, Chocolate Rain had hundreds of thousands of views. Currently, it has over 11 million.


Several interviews, TV appearances, and a few months later, Tay is back with a new song and a deal with Dr. Pepper. That’s right, Tay has gone professional…and I can’t seem to embed the video. Regardless, here’s Tay’s new video: Cherry Chocolate Rain.

Just goes to show you that if you catch the right person’s attention, you might just make it big.

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