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I can't get rich online and neither can you. Topics include why you won't get rich with your blog, ideas you wish you had thought of, and other Internet phenomena.

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You want to get rich with your blog? Maybe you think Adsense will let you retire? Sorry, it's not going to happen.

Wider is Better

I’d like to apologize to anybody who happened to visit the site while I was messing around with the style sheet. When I edit html, I like to do it live. Gives you a sense of urgency. I didn’t like the old 2-column layout, but the 3 column layout wasn’t perfect either, so I messed with it until I was (almost) satisfied.

Is anybody out there still using 1024×768? This site looks pretty awful at that resolution now.

EDIT: Ok, according to Google analytics, almost 30% of you are still running 1024×768.  I’ll try to squeeze things a little more later.

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