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I can't get rich online and neither can you. Topics include why you won't get rich with your blog, ideas you wish you had thought of, and other Internet phenomena.

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You want to get rich with your blog? Maybe you think Adsense will let you retire? Sorry, it's not going to happen.

You Can’t Get Rich Blogging for Other People

If you’re going to treat blogging like a business, go into business for yourself.

I write for an unknown college-news blog. It’s so poorly managed that I won’t even bother linking you to them. Most of their articles are terrible (not mine, of course), their priorities are ridiculous (people making out in lectures = news), and their target audience has an average IQ equal to my shoe size (10 1/2 if you were wondering). On the other hand, I’m paid $300 per semester to write 100 word ‘articles’ about beer and parties, so it’s not the worst thing in the world.


Finding a blogging job is tough. Enjoying it is even tougher. With the college blog, my first few articles were thoughtful looks at events and trends around campus. I’ve since been forced to dumb them down to ‘pretty girls get drunk lol’ style articles. If you hate what you write or who you write for, you won’t want to keep writing.

If you insist on writing for someone else, look at their site and track record. How many readers do they have? Is the site 75% ads? Is the owner reliable enough to actually pay you for your work? If the answer to any of these questions does not satisfy you, then don’t bother writing for them.

How much can you expect

I spoke with a guy who writes professionally and he told me that the industry average for traditional media is six cents per word. That’s the physical, printed world, and that’s average, mind you. If you don’t have a large portfolio to back you up, you’ll probably end up getting less.  Also, since this is the Internet and everybody is and expert at everything, competition will be fierce.  My advice is to keep a personal blog or a hobby blog handy to show potential clients your writing style.

A better idea

Find a niche and fill it. Make your own blog, attract some readers, and monetize it. Eventually, you’ll be paying people to write for you. In the meantime, why not look for opportunities to write guest entries for bigger blogs? It’ll get your name out there and possibly attract a few readers to your site.

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