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*Number* *Currency* Wiki

Can somebody please explain to me the point of paying for a wiki page? The Million Dollar Wiki. The Million Euro Wiki. The One Buck Wiki. There’s dozens of them, and I just don’t get it.

The original

As far as I know, the Million Dollar Wiki came first. The concept was pretty simple, and along the same lines as the Million Dollar Homepage: There are 10,000 wiki articles available. You pay $100 for one, and you’re the only person who can ever edit it. What you do with it is up to you. After browsing the site for awhile (via the random page link), it looks like most of the ‘articles’ are 90% ads and 10% content. Basically, very expensive landing pages.

Hats off to the owner though. At the time of this writing, he’s sold 1,079 pages (or $107,900). It pays to be the first.

The copycats

The Million Euro Wiki, aside from being a blatant ripoff of the Million Dollar Wiki, makes sense in a way. The Euro IS worth more than the Dollar, so technically he should be making more. Also, it would make sense that the Euro Wiki would have more of an appeal to Europeans. Unfortunately for the owner, the Million Euro Wiki is being drastically overshadowed by the Million Dollar Wiki, having only sold 75 pages.

Then there’s the One Buck Wiki. He’s stuck with the good old dollar, and he’s even outdone the Million Euro Wiki in terms of pages sold (1,529 at the time of this writing). Good for him, but I doubt he’ll ever see $10k.

Hmmm…I wonder…

I’m taking a trip to Japan in August. I wonder…nope, millionyenwiki.com is taken.

I still don’t get it

Why would anyone pay $100 for a Wiki page? I can see paying $1, as it’s essentially cheaper than registering a domain name for use as a landing page. On the other hand, it’s still only one page, and it’s pretty obvious that the parent site isn’t yours. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I can’t ever see myself paying for a wiki page.

If you’ve bought a page from any of these sites and have managed to recoup your initial investment, please let me know. I’m dying to know why anybody would find them desirable.

EDIT 12-14-07: Alright, I dropped a zero somewhere and seriously screwed up my math. Million Euro Wiki’s revenue at 75 pages sold would be $7,500 (5,625 Euro) because they too sell their pages for $100 (75 Euro) per page. I have corrected the article and I apologize for the error.

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8 Responses to “*Number* *Currency* Wiki”

  1. Antoine Khater Says:

    I can answer for the Euro part :)

    Simple the Euro now worth more than the USD so people are so greedy they want even more money as if one million alone were not enough

  2. James Says:

    It really is a question of being the first to be known doing it. It could have helped it tremendously if they implemented some sort of affiliate program in selling the pages. Then you’d have had a number of high trafficed blogs mentionning it via their affiliate link and they would have sold even more faster.

  3. The Monetizer Says:

    I agree with you, but you definitely have to be impressed at how many pages Graham Langdon was able to sell for Million Dollar Wiki. The others are just trying to piggyback off MDW’s success rather than creating a new idea of their own..Time will tell I guess?

  4. Tevin Anderson Says:

    I’m with you! Those wiki’s traditionally Blow! The main site usually looks like crap too.

    Even MDW owner is getting out of the game. He’s looking to sell it, to gain capital to pay for Entrecard. heh. Paid Wiki’s will blow away with the dust in the next couple months.

  5. One Buck Wiki will keep going strong! at OneBuckWiki - The Wiki to get BANG for your dollar! Says:

    [...] Recently, we’ve visited this one blog where the blog owner “thinks” we will not sell more pages. [...]

  6. max Says:

    You are full of crap, why don’t you stand up for what you say? :p

  7. Siva Says:

    I brought more than 40 pages on OneBuckwiki.com and I paid $1 per page. From all my pages, I made over $32 in last 2 months.

    Some of the adsense clicks on ads related to Finance, Insurance, Debt, Money brought me more than $1 per click in adsense revenue. You do the math :).

    Wiki sites bring collective traffic. If someone lands on a page, then they normally look at what else is on the site before they leave (atleast most of the people)

  8. Web experiment - We were smulating a fight with Can’t Get Rich Blog! at OneBuckWiki - The Wiki to get BANG for your dollar! Says:

    [...] case you thought we were really mad at Can’t Get Rich blog, we actually simulated a fight to see if we could bring more traffic to both sites. If you feel you [...]

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