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Incoming Changes

This site is nearly 1 month old, and I’m really happy with how it has grown. On that note, I’ve been thinking of making a few changes, but I’m afraid of alienating my readers so I thought I’d run it by you first:

  • New theme. This theme gets the job done, but it’s kinda bland and doesn’t work well in 1024×768.
  • Free review service. More on that Thursday.
  • Ad button exchange program. My new layout will have three 125×125 spots, and while one will be taken up by the Entrecard ad, I wouldn’t mind doing a weekly or monthly ad exchange.
  • Paid reviews. This is the one where I don’t want to scare anyone away. I was reading an entry on Rich Mudkip today, and it got me thinking about monetizing this blog a little. Not a lot, just the occasional paid review of something that promises to make you money online, but probably won’t. If I do decide to do this, I assure you that the occasional paid review will not replace my daily update, it’ll just be like this post which appears randomly in the middle of the day. Again, I value my readers more than a few bucks, so if doing this will drive you away, please let me know.


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3 Responses to “Incoming Changes”

  1. Tremium Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my article :)
    If you’re just planning to write an occasional paid review, I think it’s important to chose subjects which are relevant to your site.
    I have made that mistake in the past though, by writing a lot of sponsored posts, but most of them had nothing to do with my blog.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Go for it!

  3. Internet Entrepreneur wannabe Says:

    Well I will give you a new post title
    Can’t get rich if you don’ monetize your blog :)

    I will exchange ads with you anytime we should join forces we blog about the same subject :)

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