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A Month in Review

As of today, this blog is one month old. Let’s take a look at where it’s gone in the last thirty days.

First Month

Ooh, 816 uniques. I’m pretty happy with that, considering I haven’t done any advertising aside from Entrecard and Blogrush. It looks like about 80% of my visitors are using Firefox too. Good for you guys. 23 of you are still using dialup, which means I should probably watch my use of images and other large files. Most of my readers use Windows, with Mac coming in second with 11%. Good to know.

I’m up to 20 RSS subscribers. That makes me happy, but I’m not going to put the Feedburner widget up until I break 50.

I had my first contest ever, which had over twenty entries and lots of nice linkbacks.

I didn’t miss a single update! I’m actually surprised.

My Technorati rating is under 500,000, which is pretty nice. Still no Google pagerank though. I’m not sure when that’s supposed to update.

All in all, a pretty good month. If you missed my post yesterday, I’ve got some new things planned for this month, including a new theme and a banner exchange program. I guess I should set a goal here. Let’s see, after the next 30 days I’d like my daily readership to double. Yeah, that sounds good. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull that off.

Oh yeah, and I’m still not making any money online.  Surprise, surprise.

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3 Responses to “A Month in Review”

  1. Adam Says:

    Hey there, good job. I’d say that you’re doing pretty well.

  2. Internet Entrepreneur wannabe Says:

    50 should be pretty easy to get Keep going we back you up

  3. mrbrain Says:

    why dont you put some adsense into your blog you loser

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