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Entrecard and Me

I’ve been using Entrecard for a little while now and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I’ve gotten a decent number of hits (much better than Blogrush) from the sites I’ve advertised on. On the other hand, I’ve gotten 3 times as many hits from the actual Entrecard site itself, and that’s bad traffic. People stop by, drop their card, and leave. I’m not retaining any readers that way.

Also, I have over 300 credits right now, and I drop maybe 5 cards per day. Having all of those credits is nice, but I can’t seem to spend them on anything. Most ad queues in my category are full, and certain A-list bloggers have been rejecting my advert requests. All of the available advertising space seems to be on blogs that proudly advertise that they have 3 RSS readers.

Essentially, I’m stuck with a ton of credits and nothing to use them on. Maybe I’ll have a contest later this month and give away a couple hundred as the prize. Would anybody be interested in that?

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5 Responses to “Entrecard and Me”

  1. Internet Entrepreneur wannabe Says:

    I have a lot of mixed feelings about EntreCard to because the reasons you just mentioned.
    It does bring traffic IN however the bounce rate is incredibly HIGH I feel that most people just jump on a site drops the card and move on

    This being said I believe it is still TOO early to jump to conclusions the site is new and needs time to mature. These Credits can be used to buy “free” ad spots on popular sites and drive in legitimate and good traffic

    I know you also mentioned that the good sites are sold out but
    1) Try to advertise on a good site in another niche everyone is trying to make money online these days
    2) Keep them, I am pretty sure that soon EntreCard credits will be used to pay services like ReviewMe and others so it might turn on handy soon keep them

  2. Rami Fayoumi Says:

    Well, our blog is very new and we’re seeking MORE traffic. Extra entrecard credits might help I think, be it now or later..! so I’m interested in taking part of any potential contest :)
    nice blog btw ;)

  3. Spiros Says:

    “On the other hand, I’ve gotten 3 times as many hits from the actual Entrecard site itself, and that’s bad traffic.”
    Well, i dont have any blog, but i am one of them , that use entrecard’s site to surf around… Nice Job.

  4. Shi Feshil !!! › Is Entrecard running to its doom ? Says:

    [...] was the first one to question the presence of  Entrecard on his blog, and just today when he raise that issue again, [...]

  5. Wogan May Says:

    You get all that traffic from entrecard.com because the widget routes all the clicks that way - that’s how they track their statistics.

    If you expect to drop one or two cards only on blogs in your specific niche, and instantly have this flood of visitors FeedBurner can’t deal with, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble.

    Entrecard is about driving traffic to blogs. If your blog is interesting enough in those first 10 seconds, between “Drop yours” and “Thanks!”, then you would have gained a reader. If not, then the chances are you wouldn’t have gained that reader at all - no matter _what_ means you used for advertising.

    I’m very sure that several Entrecard users have become subscribers at this blog - because you captured them, and because they _want_ to be subscribed.

    And all those that simply dropped cards on your site are racking up credits that you can use to advertise your own site even more.

    It’s an endless loop that will eventually net you some RSS subscribers. It just takes time and effort.

    ~ Wogan

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