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ReviewU: The 1000 Push Ups Club

Jack over at The 1,000 Push Ups Club has requested a ReviewU review, and after looking over his site, I’m happy to oblige. Let’s dive right in, because I’ve got plenty to say about this one.

The site

The 1,000 Push Ups Club is a site based around the idea that doing 1,000 push up every day is incredibly awesome. I agree. Being able to say “I can do 1,000 push ups a day” is definitely a good ice breaker for use at parties. According to him,

One thousand push ups represents commitment, dedication, and stamina, all things I’m trying to improve in my persona.

Good for you man, that’s a great goal to set. I can’t even fathom what my upper body would look like if I could do 1,000 push ups a day. Actually, I think I’ll try to join your club. Here are my pecs right now. I’ll post a little update when I can do 100 without stopping.

Anyway, the general theme of the site is push ups, how to reach your goals, and other life lessons learned from doing push ups.

The $$$

I’m sure you remember that one of my rules regarding ReviewU reviews is that the site has to be trying to make money. This guy definitely fulfills that prerequisite. I hate to say it, but he could almost call his site the 1,000 ads club. He’s got three vertical Adsense bars on the left, and three vertical banners on the right, along with an embedded video with a bra advertisement banner below each entry. He also seems to be changing his page layout as I’m writing this review. That brings me to another point: The layout. For every one entry, you get eighteen other page elements (not counting the header and footer). Go ahead and count them. The clutter is amazing. Unfortunately, at least to me, it seems that content plays a minor role in each page.

What I would change

First of all, I would establish a consistent update schedule. I seem to be saying that a lot lately. The site was last updated on November 26th, almost three weeks ago. If you want to justify having that much space dedicated to ads, you’re going to want to update frequently.

Secondly, I would alter the layout. Take out some of the extraneous page elements like the playlist tracker and the live traffc feed. This will reduce page load time and improve the overall look of the page.

Finally, I would focus more on content. Write longer articles, show us some progress pictures, and focus on the actual goal at hand: doing 1,000 pushups in one day. Stick to the root of your subject matter, and post articles with other topics sparingly.

The bottom line

This site could be huge, and all it needs is a better layout and more content. People absolutely devour advice on bodybuilding and weight loss, and this site has the potential to attract a large following. All it needs is fewer non-essential page elements, more content, and a predicable update schedule. Once it has those three things, traffic will start flowing and all of those ads will start paying off.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do a few push ups.

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5 Responses to “ReviewU: The 1000 Push Ups Club”

  1. Push Ups Says:

    Hey man…nice pecs, and I mean that in a purely non-homosexual way (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Thx for the review, I’ve been thinking the same thing about the clutter/content ratio. Unfotunately, it’s much faster to produce clutter than content (though I do have a ton of content ideas….). I think the other thing I need is some sort of forum where people can actually “join” the club…but I don’t know how to do that. hhmmm…

    Well, glad you’ve decided to do some push ups - my job is done here!

  2. Geoff Says:

    Try using phpbb. If you can setup a wordpress installation, you can setup phpbb.
    Having a forum would be a great idea. Let me know when it’s up, I’ll be the first to join.

  3. Internet Entrepreneur wannabe Says:

    Since you already using wordpress I recommend BBpress easy to integrate with wordpress theme

  4. Push Ups Says:

    i’m actually not using wp - site’s currently hosted on blogger. So can’t install anything - i’ll be looking for a self contained script prob……or switch over i guess

  5. TreatInfamy Says:

    don’t worry, you have way more pecs than I do already.

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