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A Dirty Trick to Double Your Traffic

It’s no secret that Max, the owner of One Buck Wiki, and I have been having a little fight recently. Well, would you like to know a secret?

It was staged.

Yup, the whole thing was a joke. We’re not actually mad at each other, far from it. In fact, I owe the guy a beer or three for all of the traffic he’s sent my way.

It all started when John Chow wrote an article about how there’s no such thing as bad press. Somewhere in the middle of the comments, somebody said that the best way to increase traffic to your blog is to pick a fight with a blog 10 times bigger than your own. I jokingly told him that I thought his idea was crap. Max replied that he thought the idea was great, and I told him to shove it. I also let him know that I’d written a little something about his site, and, well, you know where it went from there. We decided to call it quits when somebody took the whole thing a little too seriously. Although, in the process of taking things too seriously, he forgot to mark the link to this site with a nofollow tag, so I’m still grateful for the backlink.

So what can you learn from all of this? People love drama. My daily traffic has doubled over the past few days, and I owe it all to Max. Hats off to you man. For the rest of you, just remember: If you decide to pick a fight, either agree on it beforehand or be ready to accept the consequences. Try to keep the tone professional, or it’ll be no different than a message board flamewar.

Oh, and I’m still sticking with what I said earlier. I still don’t see the point in a paid wiki, but hey, if it works for you, go for it.

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4 Responses to “A Dirty Trick to Double Your Traffic”

  1. Internet Entrepreneur Wannabe Says:

    You little #$@% you did it :D
    and I wan wondering why max took it so bad, it was just a post if he was rich from his blog chances are he wouldn’t have even bothered answering now it makes sense !!!

    Nice trick

  2. max Says:

    Haha you little crapper, nice post!

  3. DIY - Dirty Tricks to Double your Traffic and talk trash all day long | zedomax.com - a blog about DIYs, hacks(wii hacks, iphone hacks), and satiric opinions on gadgets and technology today. Says:

    [...] our post about how to be a moron and learn to not be rich, that WAS a big joke so go check out Can’t Get Rich and learn how to double your traffic by collaborating on a “set” blog-fight and talking trash all day long to bring more [...]

  4. Gerard Says:

    Brilliant! I read about this over on Max’s blog. Next time you’re staging a fight, drop me a line! I’ll get my blogging knuckle-dusters on.

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