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ReviewU: My Reflections

Dan from My Reflections wrote in to request a ReviewU review, and he asked me to be brutally honest about his site. He’s about to get what he asked for.

First of all, I can’t figure out what this blog is about. It doesn’t seem to fill any particular niche. With topics ranging from Microsoft to cats to his phone, I’m really not sure what the point is. A random-topic blog isn’t always a bad thing, but in this case, it is. Why? He’s trying to monetize it. I’m seeing three Google Adsense bars, and one of them is in the header! Why would you put ads in your header? It boggles the mind.

Adsense Header

While I’m on the subject of the layout, I guess I’ll share my opinions on that as well. First of all, it’s very clean looking, but the green and blue theme is ruined by the bright orange link text. If it’s orange to catch the readers attention, mission accomplished, because it stands out more than anything else in the entire site. The only other way I can the sensation is this: Imagine you’re having a picnic on the beach, looking out over the clear, blue water. Now imagine roughly 10,000 fire ants ruining your picnic. It’s kind of like that.

Another thing I don’t like is the fact that you have to expand every entry if you want to read it. Why not have the most recent entry be full-length? It’s just a hassle.

Speaking of posts, can anybody guess what I’m going to say next? Hmm, let’s look at the time stamps on the last five entries: December 20th, December 19th, December 13th…Novemeber 2nd? October 28th? What happened for the entire month of November? Again, there’s nothing wrong with updating whenever you feel like, but if you’re going to try to monetize a blog, you could at least update regularly.

Overall, there’s nothing hugely wrong with this site, I just tend to get annoyed when people try to monetize their blogs without a consistent update schedule and a clearly defined subject. That reeks of a personal blog, and I just can’t stand people trying to monetize their personal blogs. If you want to make some money, pick a topic and a schedule.

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One Response to “ReviewU: My Reflections”

  1. Reflections Says:

    Thanks for the review of my blog.
    First of all, you were not brutal enough, I expected more, but hey, it’s your decision. Thanks for the design tips but since it’s a WP theme I really don’t have the time to dig trough the code and change everything. Maybe I’ll take my time and change that orange annoying looking ad.
    It’s all about what I think and find on the internet and in the real world, since I’m not really good at any niche, it seems logical to me to write about what I find an do.
    Monetize it? Maybe it’s too early, but my western union money has arrived :)
    Thanks again.

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