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Someone More Cynical than I

I do believe I’ve found the most cynical bastard on the net. Take a look at this post, the Top 10 Worst Sites for Making Money. I don’t agree with the author on a couple of his points, but it’s still a pretty amusing read. It seems I’ve finally found another soul who openly hates John Chow clones as much as I do.

I think he’s missing one vital point in his summary though: For some sites, it’s not the content, but the presentation that matters. Sites like that are kind of like Paris Hilton: No real depth or insight, but still nice to look at. Bloggers who have spent years building up their reputations to the point that they can create articles devoid of content, but still make money, are true Internet marketing wizards.

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5 Responses to “Someone More Cynical than I”

  1. nickycakes Says:


  2. nickycakes Says:

    by the way, you have john chow in your blogroll ;]

  3. Geoff Says:

    I think John Chow is a good blogger to learn from (not copy). You’re right about the quality of his posts though. I haven’t really read much of him lately due to the lack of useful information.

  4. nickycakes Says:

    You’re not missing anything.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Paris Hilton: not nice to look at.

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