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You Might Get Rich with Wickedfire

Whoa, hold on. Stop the presses. Am I actually being positive about something? It may come as a shock to you, but I’ve actually found a site that is unique, informative, and useful. Wickedfire, a forum dedicated to making money online, is actually loaded with useful information. I know, shocking. Better yet, it seems to be the meeting ground for those lucky few who have made it big online, so if you’re lucky you might learn a thing or two from the pros.

Why I like it

Wickedfire is filled to the brim with useful advice, free tools, and people who know what they’re talking about. While some of their members have an air of arrogance about them, I wouldn’t hold it against them. Wouldn’t you be arrogant if you made over $1,000 a day via the Internet? Even better, they’re willing to give advice to us newbies, as long as you’re polite and intelligent.

If you feel like asking for help, realize that they are in no way obligated to assist you, so don’t get angry if nobody listens. Know your place, read the archives, ask intelligent questions, and you’ll learn a lot. My affiliate marketing schemes weren’t going anywhere until I read a very useful guide about email/ZIP submits, and after following the instructions, I created a campaign that made me over $100 overnight. Very handy.

Best of all, this information is free. Why cough up $10 for an ebook when it’s all right there?

Why I love it

I’ve found more dirty tricks on this site than every other affiliate marketing site combined. My favorite find was a thread full of tips on how to build an autoblog. Everything was laid out in a series of very easy to follow steps, and I had my very own test autoblog up and running within half an hour. Protip: Don’t try to import the contents of seven other blogs all at the same time. Your server admin might kill you.

No, you can’t see the test site. I took it offline because it was ugly, useless, and was lagging my server, but the point is I now know how to make an autoblog. Who knows if I’ll ever use that knowledge, but it still counts as another weapon in my affiliate marketing arsenal.

The bottom line

If you’ve ever wanted to make money online, don’t go to John Chow, don’t go to Shoemoney, go to Wickedfire. Everything you could ever want to know about blogging for profit, affiliate marketing, and ebusiness in general can be found there. As long as you have a humble attitude and a healthy tolerance for profanity, this site is the number one resource on the net.

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  1. Dustin Says:

    Wicked Fire Forums Blows ***** LoL They Are So Stupid LoL. They Are Supposed To Be An Internet Marketing Forum Yet They Flame Every Person On The Website And Look At Dicks All Day. Thats Just Plain Stupid To Me. Also They Banned Me For “SPAMMING” I Posted 2 Threads A Day Apart With One Link In Each. Its Not My Fault That 50+ People Wanted To Keep Bumping It ROLF!!!!!

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