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Finding Time for your Blog

You may think that you don’t have enough time for blogging. You may also think that Linux is a viable platform for gaming. Well, in both cases, you’re wrong. Time should never hold you back from creating and maintaining a blog. “But Geoff”, you ask, “Where will I find time to write/research/network?” It’s really not that hard, so listen up.


Pick a time every day to write a post for the next day. I usually write my posts sometime in the evening after dinner, work, and gaming. This usually means that I’m writing around 1 AM, but that’s what works for me. If you’re not a night owl, find a time in your schedule where you can devote at least half an hour to pure writing. Nothing else should be going on during this half hour. Topic research should already be done, your email client should be closed, and your next game of Halo can wait. Sit down, write the entry, and then set it to publish the next day.


You should always be researching new topics. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything in your environment that might inspire you. You might notice a magazine while shopping. You might overhear something in the library. Inspiration can strike anywhere.

If you require the Internet to do research, do what I do and get it done at work (if you can get away with it). This will free up time that could otherwise be used productively for friends, family, or Nintendo Wii.


RSS is vital for networking. Subscribe to the big blogs and keep your eyes open for when they write new entries. If you’re the first one to comment, and your comment is actually thought provoking, you’ll probably get a few hits to your site. Comment frequently on other blogs, just don’t spam useless trash.

Another good idea is to look at who’s on your Mybloglog list. You do have the Mybloglog widget on your site, right? If not, you should. Visit your readers blogs and comment on their posts. It builds reader loyalty and you might find some interesting stuff.

Finally, if you’re active in forums relevant to your blog’s niche, put your blog’s link in your signature. If you’re an established member, let the forum know when you’ve written something fantastic (don’t abuse this). Just be sure to stay active in the forum so you don’t appear to be a spammer.

The bottom line

Time should never be a limiting factor in blogging. The timestamp feature exists for a reason, so use it! Regular updates = more readers = bigger blog = $$$ (theoretically). If you want to monetize your blog, give it the time and attention it deserves and you’ll be rewarded.

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