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Entrecard Credits as a Virtual Currency

I don’t login to Entrecard much anymore. It’s starting to get kind of pointless, what with me having over 600 credits and nothing to use them on. Whenever I do login, I check to see if any of the big blogs have open spots and, surprise, they don’t. This has led to my massive buildup of credits and a little frustration on my part.

But wait, what’s this? Entrecard has a new feature, one that I think has the potential to be mind-numbingly stupid. If you apply now, you may be granted seller status, which basically means you can sell actual goods and services for Entrecard credits. They’re encouraging people to be creative, selling Wordpress themes, T-shirts, and other things for credits.

Hmm, let’s see. If you had a choice between an Entrecard credit and the almighty dollar, which would you pick? Take your time, I’m sure it’s a difficult choice.

It’ll be interesting to see if this actually works, though. If a $15 T-shirt sells for 1,000 Entrecard credits, we effectively have an exchange rate to work with. It wouldn’t surprise me if sometime soon, somebody creates a website that tracks the value of the Entrecard credit vs the American dollar. From there, I’m sure that there will be money-changer sites that allow you to buy dollars with your credits and vice-versa. After that, we’ll probably see a period of massive inflation for the Entrecard credit as it’s ‘farmed‘ by people who go through and drop their cards on every site available, similar to what happens in games like World of Warcraft when such exchanges are created.

Basically, I expect something like this to happen. What you’re looking at is a graph of dollar-to-WoW gold values over the last year. See how it drops like a stone? That’s what happens when in-game inflation takes over. I expect the same thing to happen with the Entrecard credit.

If one of my readers would like to take this idea and run with it, feel free.  I don’t have the time it takes to create a credit/dollar exchange business, so knock yourselves out.  If you’d be so kind to show me the finished product, however, I’d be interested in seeing how it turns out.

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4 Responses to “Entrecard Credits as a Virtual Currency”

  1. TreatInfamy Says:

    I’m glad that i’m not the only one who has thought of this. Yesterday I started wondering about the idea of selling EC Credits, and suddenly I got really curious…so I searched for “Entrecard” on eBay. Thankfully it isn’t on there yet. However, I can definitely see it happening in the future.

    One thing you missed though, is the fact that Entrecard is still growing, while WoW remains relatively stable. As new bloggers come in, they can balance out the inflation from older bloggers.

    Personally I think the idea of buying things with EC Credits is almost counter to the point of EC- to get yourself out there, not to make money. The blog is for making money while the credits are for web clout.

    Since Entrecard is pretty new, I don’t think this will happen for a long time.

  2. The University Kid Says:

    LOL - nice one. According to their blog, someone had started selling them on eBay - I don’t know if they were joking though.

    I too have around 600~ credits, going to give them away on my blog soon. Did manage to knick an ad on Tyler Cruz though, so not all was lost…

  3. The University Kid » Blog Archive » The Death of Entrecard? Says:

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  4. Collin LaHay Says:

    Nice comparison… and yeah I don’t think EC will ever get to a point where there will be an exchange rate.

    EVERYONE would want to sell them, but I can’t see a single person ever buying any.

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