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2007 - A Look Back

I started this blog in mid-November, so I don’t have a whole lot to look back on. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at how this blog has done in the month and a half of its existence:


According to Google analytics, I’ve had close to 1,800 unique visitors. My most popular article by page views was my critique of paid Wikis. The second most popular was the announcement of my free review service. I guess that means people like getting free reviews. Right now I still have six or seven review requests waiting to be fulfilled, so expect to see more of that over the next few weeks.

The number one keyword that directed people to this site was can’t get rich online. There must be a lot of frustrated people out there.

Some numbers

I’m currently sitting at 25 RSS readers, which I’d like to double in the next month. My Technorati rank dipped below 250,000 today (I totally called that a month ago). My Mybloglog community currently has 15 people in it, up from 3 from the last time I checked. I have missed exactly 0 daily updates.

Site events

I switched themes a few weeks ago. This one is cleaner, has room for lots of stuff in the sidebar, and looks better at smaller resolutions.

I got into a fake fight with the owner of One Buck Wiki. This event doubled my traffic and gave both of us a good laugh.

I had a contest that went sour after I found out the winner received a $0 gift certificate instead of a $100 gift certificate. We got things worked out, so no harm done.

I started a weekly banner exchange program. So far, results haven’t been satisfying. C’mon people, it’s a free advertising spot, you know want it.

I abandoned the Blogrush widget, which in my opinion was a useless waste of space.

Personal favorites

If I had to pick my five personal favorite articles from this year, it would be these (in no particular order):

This new theme seems to have broken the layout of some of those older posts, so the images might run into the sidebar. I’ll fix that later.

Looking ahead

I’ve already talked about my goals for 2008, so I won’t be redundant. Here’s looking forward to a good year.

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  1. TreatInfamy Says:

    Good luck to both of us. :)

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