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You May or May Not Get Rich With Video Blogs

Ahh, I hate being unsure about things. That’s why I’m going to try something new: A niche video blog.

I was reading around on Wickefire the other day when I came across a thread about Google Adsense. The guy who started the thread was talking about how he had made a video blog, slapped some Adsense code on it, and forgot about it. A few weeks later he found that it was making him around $0.50 per day. He tweaked a few things and now it’s making $2 per day. That’s pretty good for a code and forget blog.

Now I feel like trying the same thing. I don’t want to spend any money on it, so I’m sticking it on a subdomain of one of my other domains, and I’m going to have to update it manually (he had his running on an auto-updating script which costs $$$). I figure I’ll update it once or twice a day for a few weeks and see what happens. As for the theme, I’ve picked a video niche that everybody on digg seems to love, taser videos. Don’t laugh, I know the site is bland. I’ll tweak it later.

Also, don’t ask me about my opinions on tasers. This blog is politically-neutral.

Anyway, I’m curious to see how that does. I’m not going to pay for any advertising, so I’m hoping it’ll get a lot of organic traffic. My goal for it is $1 in Adsense revenue per day. $1 per day isn’t enough to live on, but it’ll prove to me that niche video blogs are worth something. If I can meet that goal, well, there’s strength in numbers: I’ll roll out another 49 sites and be happy with $50 a day.

A few things you should know

If you want to try making your own video blog, here are a few tips:

  • You’ll want to use the easytube Wordpress plugin. Wordpress tends to break your page layout if you embed a video and then go back to the visual tab. Easytube fixes that little problem.
  • Since you’re going for SEO, I’d recommend using Optimal Title and Google Sitemap Generator.
  • Make sure you have permission to use the videos you’ve picked. I grab mine from youtube and liveleak.
  • Don’t drop $10 on a domain. Stick it on a subdomain and purchase a domain later if the site is making you money. You can always stick a redirect on the old subdomain.
  • Use a Wordpress theme that is appropriate for your niche. I googled ‘wordpress electric theme’ for the one currently in use on the taser site.
  • Use pingoat to ping your new blog every few days.

I’ll let you guys know if my little experiment works.

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4 Responses to “You May or May Not Get Rich With Video Blogs”

  1. Neotrepreneur Says:

    I also started a video blog . Well mine is about anime ( japanese cartoon ) and i prefer to cash out 10$ on a domain since i wanted to SEO optimize it as much as possible.

    I think i can make a decent earning since they are so many kids and teenagers hungry for this kind of stuff.

    Tell you how it goes for me after a few weeks.

  2. tash Says:

    If this ends up working out for you; I’d love to help out with rolling out a set of niche video blog sites. I noticed Pictures and Videos usually do really good on social sites.

  3. Usman Says:

    Lets see if it is really worth. I am looking forward to reading how it goes.

    I own a site like this too 0.25 per click http://tube4u.net

    It is a really good script. I haven’t really promoted the site even though it is 3-5 months old.

    Do you think it is good? or should I make something else?

  4. Geoff Says:

    Wow Usman, that site looks a lot nicer than mine. What script do you use?

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