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That Crazy Cow - Googletime

It looks like John Cow has released a new product to the masses: Googletime. An interesting product, but not one worth investing in (at least in my opinion). If you haven’t read about it, or don’t understand what it is, Googletime is essentially an automatic website creator. You supply a topic, your Adsense publisher ID, and a few other pieces of information, and Googletime creates you a few pages that look, for all intents and purposes, real. Really, all it’s doing is scraping content from news sites and plugging it into a template, something that is incredibly easy to duplicate without paying $30 for a license.

A little misleading

Let’s take a look at a quote from the Cow’s post:

All you need to do is build a site, slap some Google code onto it and you’ll start earning a few bucks per day.

Actually, no, you won’t. Want an example? One of my new video blogs received almost 300 hits yesterday after being stumbled. How much did I make from my Adsense blocks? $0.02. Two cents from 300 visitors. So, by that logic, a few bucks per day = a few dozen or so clicks per day. A dozen or so clicks per day usually requires several hundred, if not thousand, visitors per day, due to the phenomena known as ‘banner-blindness’. How are you going to get that many hits per day with a brand new site? You have three options:

  1. Paying for traffic
  2. Organic traffic
  3. Social bookmarking traffic

Number one will get you banned from the Adsense network. Google is pretty touchy about made-for-Adsense sites, so there goes that option. As for number two, well, that takes weeks, if not longer. After looking at some of his example sites, I’m not convinced that you would ever get any traffic from organic search results. Sites built around generic topics like ‘glassware’ and ‘dogs’ will never reach the front page, and will therefore never receive enough traffic to make more than a nickel per day. Number three is too random to count on.

Suddenly, reaching that $2/day he mentions doesn’t sound so easy.

Still interested?

If, for some reason, you still want to create a bunch of autoblogs, it’s really not that hard. Here’s one I made just for the sake of this article. How long did it take? About 10 minutes. All you need to do is:

  1. Set up Wordpress.
  2. Pick a decent theme to use and modify it to include your Adsense and tracking code.
  3. Create a subdomain and host it there.
  4. Find an autoblog plugin like wp-o-matic or wp-autoblog and install it.
  5. Find a few sites to scrape and plug them in to your autoblog plugin.
  6. Turn everything on.

There, you have a perfectly mediocre autoblog that won’t make you any money, just like Googletime.

Hats off to the Cow

The majority of us won’t make any money with autoblogs, but the Cow already has. According to him, he’s already made more than $1,000 through the sale of Googletime. That means over 30 people now have very pretty, stylish, identical autoblogs. Congratulations to them.

It may sound like I’m bashing Googletime, but really, I’m not. It’s a perfectly good piece of software that does exactly what it says it will, and it seems to do it well. No, I’m bashing the people who use it. More precisely, I’m bashing the people who don’t understand it, and expect to make a lot of money with it.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about all of this. If anybody out there uses Googletime, or knows somebody who does, and has reached that $2/day goal that the Cow said was possible, I’d love to hear about it. I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong.

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5 Responses to “That Crazy Cow - Googletime”

  1. bylla Says:

    I can only agree with you! You need to have unique and quality content to make a lot of money, if you could make a million dollars by just paying $30 or whatever then the products wouldn’t be sold because the creators would use the products themselves.


  2. tash Says:

    If you create these types of blogs, is it going to impact your adsense account negatively?

  3. Internet Entrepreneur Wannabe Says:

    I totally agree with you, for me it is a waste of time and money

    I have a blog that is getting 2k+ UNIQUES per day about 3.5K pagevies per day and I can hardly make $5/day per adsense. So I think getting $2 from a site like that is nearly impossible

    I have a friend who almost bought the thing and I am happy I was able to convince him not to do so !

  4. The University Kid Says:

    Those sites are available for three bucks on Digital Point, and the website itself for ten bucks (see http://www.madeforadcents.com).

    I would never buy something like that, but I appreciate the marketing involved. He could probably sell that site now for 2-3k, making it nice earnings for one blog post.. :shock:

  5. Tevin Anderson Says:

    I think there are actually two problems here.

    1) I don’t think made for Adcents sites perform all that great on “auto pilot”

    2) I don’t think the average Joe (You, me, others commenting) knows a lick about optimizing adsense for niche blogs.

    I have been reading a lot of blogs on niche sites using adsense and affiliate programs.

    I think a blog that a lot of the readers here will enjoy is http://www.bloggerunleashed.com (as long as you don’t mind a few four letter words).

    He claims to be getting upwards of 6%on his adsense niche blogs. And he even gives some tips if you dig through his blog on actually HOW to do it.

    My $0.02

    - Tevin


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