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You Can’t Get Rich if Your Website is Offline

Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that your website or blog constitutes a big chunk of your income. What would you do if it went offline? Maybe your hosting server is having problems, maybe the server exploded, who knows. Either way, your site is offline, and every hour that passes means lost income for you. In a situation like that, would would you do?

I noticed earlier today that one of the blogs I check daily, Uberaffiliate, was down. It is now past midnight and still offline. I’m wondering what’s going on over there, and I’m sure the owner is pretty annoyed. Luckily, he makes the vast majority of his money from his affiliate marketing schemes, not his blog, so I’m sure it’s not a huge loss for him. It got me thinking though: What about those other bloggers out there who rely on their sites to put food on their table? What would happen to John Chow if he lost his $20,000+ per month blog? More importantly, what steps do they take to avoid such a catastrophe?

If you care at all about your site, you should take steps to protect it, regardless of how much you make with it. This site makes me $0 per month, and I back it (and my entire hosting account) up weekly. When I make a huge change, such as overhauling the theme, I back it up right then and there. You should always have a backup available that’s not more than a week old. If you have any worries about your hosting provider, store your backup locally (on your hard drive) in case you server randomly breaks. If you’re overly paranoid, store it locally, on your flash drive, and burn a CD.

Speaking of randomly losing your hosting, here’s a fun story: I’ve mentioned before that I work doing webhosting support. We had a call the other day regarding some company that had their servers unplugged after they failed to pay their bills. For the company owner, that meant a loss of income. For his 2,000+ customers, that meant their websites were offline, inaccessible, and pretty much flat-out gone. I’ll bet they all wished they had kept local backups.

Always read up on your choice of webhosting companies. If you can’t find any good reviews, don’t host your site with them. Simple as that. Would you trust your livelihood with a dreamer or a dumbass? Probably not a good idea.

As for me, I see my server admin several times per week. I have is AIM, his phone number, and I know he lives within driving distance. Suffice it to say, if this site ever goes offline, it won’t be for long.

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  1. Some guy in Japan Says:

    See, I know you’ll give him the beatdown if it goes down.

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