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You Can’t Get Rich if You’re Sick

Ugh, I have a stomach bug. I don’t want to move, and I can’t seem to get anything done.

I wanted to try experimenting with Adsense today, but I can’t seem to concentrate. I tried to come up with some new affiliate marketing campaign ideas, but my brain feels like cotton. I wanted to write an interesting post for today, but I can’t seem to get motivated. All I want to do is sit on my living-room couch and watch Monty Python. Sorry guys, I’m a bit under the weather.

In order to avoid future cop-out posts like this one, I’d like to make a request of my readers: Would any of you be interested in guest posting? I got a whole bunch of extra traffic from my guest post on The University Kid, and that got me thinking about asking for my own guest posts. I was going to put it off until this blog got a little bigger (in terms of traffic), but my present situation makes me think now would be a good time. Anyway, if you’re interested in writing a guest post for me, here are a few rules:

  • Go ahead an plug your site, just don’t turn the whole thing into an advertisement.
  • Try to stick to the theme of this blog, if possible.
  • If you can’t stick to the theme, take an opposing view on one of my posts (for example: My post about why you shouldn’t waste your time with Google Time. Write a post praising it, etc).
  • Send it to me as either plain text or .doc.

If I like it, I’ll let you know, and then I’ll stick it in my guest post ‘bank’.  The next time I’m feeling sick/lazy/etc, I’ll schedule it to go up the next day, and I’ll notify you by email.

If you’re interested, let me know here, or just send your guest article to geoff AT cantgetrich DOT com.

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2 Responses to “You Can’t Get Rich if You’re Sick”

  1. The University Kid Says:

    I can fill in - just drop me an email with details :)

  2. TreatInfamy Says:

    holy hell, I was just thinking last night about your site, and I had a thought like, “you can’t get rich if you eat bad foods and turn into a computer hermit and have bad health”. Coicidence or the work of aliens?

    I would love to be a guest poster. I’ve had some ideas swimming in my head about blogs and technology, but since my blog is about music there isn’t anywhere to put it.

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