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Should I Dump Entrecard?

When I first discovered Entrecard, I thought it was a great idea. After acquiring enough credits, I could advertise on big sites like John Chow and Shoemoney! Think of all the traffic I’d be getting! For free!

Well, that was the theory anyway. Reality hasn’t quite lived up to the hype.

First of all, even though I have plenty of credits, I can’t ever seem to get good value from them. Big sites always seem to have their ad queues full, and there’s really no point in advertising on tiny blogs. The two times I did manage to apply for an ad spot on a big site, both ads were declined. I never really understood that, because those same sites were plugging Entrecard as a great way for small blogs like mine to get free traffic from the big guys.

Secondly, I’m a little irked at the card-dropping crowd. You know, the ones who pop in, drop their card, and leave without reading anything. Junk traffic. I’m curious as to whether or not I’ve gotten any returning readers from that crowd. If so, there can’t be more than two or three. I’m thinking of redirecting all of the traffic I get from the main Entrecard site to a different page that says “If you’re just here to drop your card, have fun finding the real button.” That page then automatically forwards them to this. Maybe I’ll throw in a few Adsense blocks too. Who knows, it could end up being the most profitable part of this site.

I just feel like I’m not getting any measurable results from Entrecard. If you found this site through Entrecard, please, comment and let me know. If I find that I’ve gotten at least ten regular readers this way, I’ll keep the Entrecard widget. If not, well, it’ll go the same way as my Blogrush widget.

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20 Responses to “Should I Dump Entrecard?”

  1. Internet Entrepreneur wannabe Says:

    Well I am about to dump entrecard at my main blog since I feel it is becoming useless I have more ec that I will ever use !
    However in my smaller blogs Entrecard is still the first source of traffic so I think I am not about to remove it yet !

  2. MarketingDeviant Says:

    It just takes time to convert them into readers. I think you need to grab them with short posts with lots of pictures in order to have them read your site.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Someone mentioned short posts, and I just thought I’d mention that I think short posts with links to the rest of the article, a la OTR, are annoying. I hate having to go “after the jump” to read everything.

  4. Julie Says:

    “If you’re just here to drop your card, have fun finding the real button.” LOL

    I share your frustration. Although I’ve seen a jump in traffic, the majority of Entrecard visitors are there to drop their card and “poof” they’re gone at the speed of light. It’s frustrating that they can’t take a few moments to actually LOOK at the blog. I even threw my hands in the air at one point and stuck some Adsense ads right underneath Entrecard on my site thinking maybe they can click that too if they’re so busy clicking, but no, haven’t seen a jump in Adsense earnings. LOL

    I make it a point to look around when I visit blogs and even comment when I’ve something to say. If I really like the blog, I subscribe via RSS. I DID find your blog via Entrecard and had previously subscribed to your feed, so I have to believe there’s hope for all of us using Entrecard. But as for getting many readers…I’m not holding my breath.

    Keep up the great work! ~ Julie

  5. Neotrepreneur Says:

    NO fucking way. I found your blog because of EC. You want to exploit the leaching droppers? Make them stay , bait them or bathe them in booze and by that , i mean put your Entrecard higher with your best or most mind-blowing post’s permalink underneath it. Make the Junk traffic stick around like a fat guy in a Free-for-all buffet with a contest or tips to exploit entrecard .

  6. C-Squared Says:

    I have been followed your blog since you started, but not necessarily always reading. Once I started my own blog and got Entrecard, it gave me that extra push to read your posts and (especially) comment.

  7. C-Squared Says:

    Also, I totally agree on short posts being annoying. Every time I see one of those “(read more…)” things, I seriously consider whether I want to subscribe to the blog or not.

  8. DJ Nelson Says:

    LOL @ that idea.

    I’m skeptical about the system myself but I think IF it is effective then it takes a little time. I think the results will be small, but worth it. Sure some people will drop it and go but they’ll be others who discover your blog for the first time and stick around. I guess it depends on what kind of results you are hoping to get.

  9. The University Kid Says:

    I’m getting enough credits to buy a load of crap at the shop and then the thing vanishes :twisted:

    LOL at the picture. Come on, put it in your sidebar… I know you want to :lol:

  10. bylla Says:

    Well, I can confirm that you got me as a feed subscriber via EntreCard. Now you only have to find the other 2 :)


  11. Rami Says:

    I drop my card on your blog from time to time but I’m a constant reader to your content ;)
    The trick is funny btw :D but then the price to advertise on your blog will directly fall down (least of your worries I think! :P)

  12. balidreamhome Says:

    in many case, the new ‘product’ or new idea always attract many people to join and share a piece of a bite, same happen to entrecard, first in first serve.
    surely after a short while this place will be overcrowded and many will disappointed and looking for another new system.
    so there the blog rolling…anyway I drop my card into yours and also reading your interesting post and leave a comment, would you do the same to mine?
    have a great day, cheers

  13. Tevin Anderson Says:

    I didn’t find your blog the EC. BUT, I do keep coming back because of it. It’s not like you’re starving for space in your side bar, you can leave it up, and not actively promote it. I think ECers are fickle. But you will pick up readers here and there. :D yay.

  14. The Monetizer Says:

    It’s definitely a blog eat blog world with EC. It’d be funny to have your Entrecard link go to a page full of 50 pictures of the Entrecard widget. One would be the real widget of course. That would make for a fun game for the quick card droppers :)

  15. James Chartrand - MwP Says:

    You may want to read my impressions of Entrecard, because they sound very similar to yours.

    Frankly, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being used by others to earn credits. It’s a dirty feeling and not one that enhances my credibility or one that leaves me with a feeling of integrity.

    Right now, Entrecard is just sitting there while I decide whether it can possibly, potentially hold value for me. I don’t think it can or does. And while I’m debating, I’m being leached for credits.

    Joy. How sweet.

  16. Jay Says:

    I did find you on EntreCard, but I’m back today not to drop a card, but to read more of your site. (I mean, I’ll probably drop my card, but I’m not on a card-dropping mission like I was the last time I came by.) I too have noticed that while I get “traffic” from the card, it’s not real. Does 10,000 page-views matter if I have no comments, no subscribers, no clicks and no people wanting me to father their child? I think the answer is no.

  17. make money online with an introvert Says:

    I just got an email today from entrecard and said that my account has been deleted due to inactivity. WOOHOO!

    entrecard sucks

  18. Book Calendar Says:

    Their technical support has not solved my problem of logging in for the last three weeks from home.

  19. Greg Says:

    I found a few things from playing around with EC. 1. Unfortunately, you get 10x more traffic from dropping a card and having someone reciprocate than you do from placing Ads. 2. Many of the top sites on EC seemingly are penalized by Alexa–the amount of EC traffic that they get per day simply is not reflected in their Alexa rankings.

  20. Noentre Says:

    I don’t like entrecard. They ‘penalize’ you and remove your ec (credits), for NO REASON. For a person who done nothing wrong, broke no rules, yet was ‘penalized’ and all ec removed.

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