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Sites that Shouldn’t Exist: Chowmoney

I hate copycats. I especially hate John Chow copycats, and for a long time, I considered them to be the bottom of the blogger barrel. Then, I found this site: Chowmoney. A horrible amalgamation of John Chow and Shoemoney. Someone thinks they’re being clever with their naming conventions, but John Cow cornered that market a long time ago.

About the author

Chow Money

Truly, the stuff of nightmares. The author of this blog is a character known as Chowmoney, a man who claims that he is the illegitimate offspring of John Chow and Shoemoney. He created his blog to make it big, just like his two Dads. Claiming that he will take over the world one cent at a time, Chowmoney started his little blog…and then fell flat on his face.


It looks like this site hasn’t been updated since October. Phew, the Internet dodged a bullet there. Think of all the space this guy could have wasted. In fact, it looks like the author only wrote seven entries before getting bored and wandering off. Someone obviously didn’t think their plan through.

Parody blogs

There’s nothing wrong with a parody blog as long as it has something interesting to say. John Cow, which started out as a parody of John Chow, is now (in my opinion) a better site than its parent. While Chow talks about what he had for dinner last night, Cow talks about marketing ideas and new products. In fact, he hardly references John Chow at all anymore. That’s what I like to see: A parody site that can stand on it’s own two feet (hooves?). Maybe if Chowmoney had followed through, he could have reached that critical tipping point, but I guess we’ll never know.

Frankly, I’m relieved. I’d hate to see any other childhood pictures of the bastard offspring of Chow and Shoe.

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10 Responses to “Sites that Shouldn’t Exist: Chowmoney”

  1. The University Kid Says:

    My eyes!

    Lol. Have you seen JohnYCow.com and NotJohnChow.com - argh! :twisted:

  2. The University Kid » Blog Archive » Time To Get Off My Arse And Stop Being Lazy Says:

    [...] - Sites That Shouldn’t Exist - a bit of a rant about the copycat tools in the blogosphere. You know who they are. [...]

  3. John Cow Says:

    now thats scary!

  4. Sammy Ashouri Says:

    Lmfao. Maybe I should buy typos of Fka200.com ?? Nahhh…! Great post!

  5. Internet Entrepreneur wannabe Says:

    This blog is ridiculous ! simply ridiculous nothing more to say

  6. Internet Entrepreneur wannabe Says:

    Sorry for the double post but just to clarify I am NOT talking about your blog Geoff !

  7. Tevin Anderson Says:

    Oh wow. Thank good chowmoney.com did not make it. However, I don’t think it’s necesarrily a “bad” idea. There is room for more than one parody at a time (think: Daily Show, Colbert Report) as long as their unique and entertaining. chowmoney.com however… is not.

  8. C-Squared Says:

    wow at the number of ads on NotJohnChow.com.

  9. Chowmoney Says:

    I have one more site that shouldn’t exist - http://www.cantgetrich.com. You all are jealous of my good looks, admit it. Don’t worry, fresh content is coming soon - so bring your whiny asses over there so I can berate you like the little girls you are.


  10. JohnChow-Cow.com Says:

    Looks like you haven’t found out about mine, have you? :))

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