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You Can’t Get Rich If You’re Not Unique

Heya guys. Filling in for Geoff cos he’s sick lazy. I’m Jason from over at TheUniversityKid.com and will be sharing my (not-so) pleasant views with you all.

There are millions of blogs out there… a good deal of them are involved in the niche that nearly everyone using a computer is interested in – making money online. Now, common logic states that with a ton of blogs, and not a ton of readers, some of them are going to be pretty neglected – and yours will stay that way unless you’re unique.

Although Geoff and I both have similar sarcastic writing styles, the viewpoints of our blogs are pretty different – my push is that of a lazy arsed university student, while his push is of someone that… can’t get rich. When writing a blog, you have got to let your personality show – if you don’t, you’re getting fook all readers.

There are too many make money online blogs that a) have their own views, but are poor in expressing them or worse b) copy the views of the ‘big name’ blogs and are still poor in expressing them. For example, yesterday I came across two websites – JohnyCow.com and NotJohnChow.com. What the f**k!

Now, whilst JohnCow.com originally started out as a parody, these days it has nothing to do with its correctly spelled senior – its views are completely different to the ‘dot com mogul’ (who I don’t read anymore) and dare I say it – a lot more interesting. The first two sites I mentioned though, jeez… whilst the first one has tried to employ decent content (but why not get your own name?) the second one is a carnage of bad colour, poor content and a billboard of all the ads imaginable on the internet (and then some). If they ever manage to break 1,000 RSS Readers legitimately… I’ll eat my hat (to use the common cliché).

I hope I’ve already drilled it into you, but make sure you be unique if you want to succeed as a blogger online. If you don’t want to succeed, by all means – copy one of the big boys and go full steam ahead; don’t be surprised if you receive only a few visitors and comments.

If you like the cynical side of blogging, by all means take a look at my blog.

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6 Responses to “You Can’t Get Rich If You’re Not Unique”

  1. Bylla @ Xavier Media Says:

    Agree! You need good, unique, and interesting quality content to make your subscribers stay. Otherwise they can subscribe to any other blog instead of yours.


  2. Johny Cow dot Com » Mocking mania Says:

    [...] soon as I logged into My Blog’s Dashboard today I got an incoming link from a Blog named as Cant get Rich who was written by Jason from TUK or should I say guest posted by Jason on Cant get rich. He just [...]

  3. MarketingDeviant Says:

    Being unique is crucial =). Hope you two will have great success!

  4. Broke 100 Subscribers… For My Newsletter | The University Kid Says:

    [...] yeah - the guest post I did on Can’t Get Rich is up - drew a bit of flak, but ah well. Controversy keeps the blood running, [...]

  5. Ava Says:

    Yeah, just a little bit of flak there…nothing to be worried about. Johny’s blog leaves A LOT to be desired, and his rebuttal post obviously shows that he knows nothing about you or your success. Nice post…keep up the good work.

  6. Not John Chow Says:

    Beign unique is more than your name.

    I may be a new comer to blogging, but I am not a newcomer to business, marketing and advertising.

    Of course, if you read my About page you would know this.

    You would also know that my blog was started as a test case to determine if John Chow’s methods can work for an average guy.

    That being said, thanks for the link!

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