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You Can’t Get Rich Dealing eDrugs

I’ve got a bizarre one for you today.

There’s really no way that I can say this and make it sound witty, so I’ll just say it: Someone out there has ‘invented’ eDrugs. In fact, they’ve got a whole line of them. I’ll just let that sink in: Mind altering drugs downloaded from the Internet. The world is doomed.

What is it?

This company has created a piece of software called I-Doser. Really, all it does is play back propriety sound files (.drg files - clever). How can sound make you high? Well, according to the site, I-Doser play files (called ‘doses’) that produce ‘Binaural Brainwaves’ to affect your mood and state of mind. So basically, it blasts undulating sound waves into your ears to make you high. Sounds legit to me.

The doses

There are lots of doses available, and they seem to have one for everything. Want to hallucinate? They’ve got that. Want to go to sleep? They’ve got that. Want to use sound waves as an alternative to steriods? They’ve got that too. Most of their single doses cost around $3 to purchase, after which you can use them as much as you want. They also offer variety packs for a discount.

Of course, just like real drugs, the price varies based on potency. Here’s one called Hand of God - it costs $200. This one is supposed to give you an almost religious experience. According to the description:

It’s like the Holy One reaches from the sky, as you lay with closed eyes, and shows you the universe, everything, infinity.

Is it really? Now I’m curious.

Let’s find out

No, I didn’t fork out $200 for a sound file. I did, however, obtain it, and pretty much every other dose, from my…dealer. Yeah, I know a guy.

Anyway, before I started writing this entry, I decided to give it a try. Twenty minutes later, I closed the program feeling very silly for wasting my time. Maybe I have a natural immunity to placebo, who knows. One’s things for sure: I feel bad for anybody who has forked out $200 for this product and had the same experience (or lack thereof) as me.

Right now, I’m listening to ‘Hash’. It sounds like 10,000 angry bees oscillating on either side of my head. Oddly enough, I can almost swear that I’m hearing the overworld music from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Weird. Anyway, I don’t feel particularly high, giddy, or uninhibited. Mostly, I’m annoyed.



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The bottom line

Sorry guys, but if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Digital drugs that can produce hallucinogenic experiences just don’t exist, and you’d be wasting your money pursing them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a bag of Doritos. I have the munchies something fierce.

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2 Responses to “You Can’t Get Rich Dealing eDrugs”

  1. The University Kid Says:

    Dude… I’m gonna give it a try, even if it’s a load of shit… at $3, it’s too interesting to pass up :P

  2. Ryan Says:

    I disagree. Don’t give in to this bullshit.

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