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Affiliate Marketing: Active vs Passive

I learned something new today. People don’t like sales pitches.

My affiliate marketing trainer/mentor guy descended from the heavens earlier today to tell me that I’m doing it wrong. You see, the site I made for the case study was basically nothing more than a sales pitch with a little information thrown in for flavor. People don’t like that, and the only way I would make a sale was if the person visiting the site was already in the market. He told me that it would be best to take a different approach.

Passive sales pitch

Instead of telling visitors that they need to buy a product, tell them how their life would be better if they had something similar to the product, and then mention that you can buy a specific product by clicking on a link/graphic/etc. For example, if you’re trying to run an affiliate campaign for the Super Runmaster 3000 treadmill, make a site filled with articles about running, jogging, cardiovascular exercise, health benefits, etc, and then mention the specific product in a few of those articles. Once your audience is convinced that they need to improve their cardiovascular health, it won’t be hard to sell them on the idea of the super treadmill.

I’m going to be busy for the next day or two overhauling my test site. I’m supposed to come up with 25-30 articles about my chosen niche, which won’t be easy. No, I’m not promoting the Runmaster 3000 (and I’m not going to tell you what niche I chose either. You’d probably laugh). Then I need to redo my page’s theme structure to make it more user-friendly, all while figuring out how to put Adsense blocks in so that the whole thing doesn’t look hideous. After that, assuming that my site and SEO is perfect, I have to wait for visitors to start trickling in. I’d really like to start ranking well in the search engines by the end of the month, so I’d better get busy.

I’ll let you guys know how the whole passive technique works out for me.

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