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Sick Day - Part 2

Usually, when I get sick, it’s only for a day at a time. Today, I’m still sick, and I’m not getting any better. Looks like I have a week-long flu. I still haven’t been able to think of anything new or witty due to sleeping 14+ hours per day and the haze of pain killers, so I’ll just talk about what’s been going on recently in the world of blogging and making money online.

Google tells domain parkers to GTFO

This one made me so happy. Have you ever tried to register a domain, only to find out that it’s already been taken by a domain parking company? You know, the one’s that hold useful domain names hostage and throw a bunch of advertising on it? Well, Google has decided to not allow adsense to be placed on domains that have been registered for less than five days, so some of those parked domains should disappear, allowing people to use them for useful purposes.

For the record, Can’t Get Rich wasn’t my first choice when looking for domain names. I wanted to use Can’t Make Money, but as you can see, it’s parked.

A good blog to read

One of the blogs I read on a daily basis, Affiliate Confession, recently reported that he made over $12,000 with Google adsense alone last year. That’s pretty impressive. If I ever reach $1,000 per month with adsense, I’ll quit my job.

Wickedfire Case Study

I’m still taking part in the Wickefire case study. I’ve already learned a lot about how to make money online, but haven’t actually made much yet. I’m still waiting for my page to get a good ranking in the search engines. Depending on how this all turns out, I might share some tips with you guys.

A new blog idea

I had an idea for a new blog the other day. It would be about video games that deserve sequels, but haven’t gotten any in a long time. Of course, I still have to do market research to see if it would ever see the light of day on Google, but I think it’s a pretty good concept. I’ll work on that when I’m over this flu.

Speaking of video games

Remember how I told you a friend of mine is starting an online business? Well, I’m still supporting him, so I bought two more:
Megaman sprites

I think they’re pretty cool.

Off to bed

I’m going to go try to sleep this off. Hopefully my sarcasm and wit will be restored by tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Sick Day - Part 2”

  1. Bylla @ Xavier Media Says:

    I hope you get well soon since “you can’t get rich if you’re sick” :)


  2. C-Squared Says:


    Found this slight variation on the pixel-ads concept- the longest link page in the world.


    There’s only like five links there right now, but I’m curious about what you think of the idea.

  3. Tim Spangler Says:

    I know you asked Geoff, but I’ll chime in and think that that’s a great way to get Googleslapped as a link buyer.

    If you’re going to buy links, I say, buy them subtly - on a blog at post level, for instance.

  4. Peter Foti Says:

    Tim Spangler,
    What you are saying is incorrect. You will not get google slapped becuase you buy a link there. People are getting google slapped left and right regardless. Tyler cruz.com down to PR0, peterfoti.com PR 0 (over 4k backlinks) So buying a $1 text link is not going to get you slapped from google. I say all of this as the proud owner of the site.

    Thank You

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