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Don’t Waste Space With A Political Blog

It’s election year here in the US, and that means every American Internet user, young and old, rich and poor, wants to share their thoughts online. Some spam forums, some leave comments on Youtube, and some will create blogs. Well, I’m here to tell you something important, something that will change the way you think about sharing your thoughts and feelings about politics. Are you ready?


Congratulations, you have freedom of speech. That doesn’t mean you have the right to be taken seriously. Besides, why would I want to listen to you? Are you actively involved in politics? Or are you just an armchair patriot? Do you have your master’s degree in political science? Or are you just some angsty art major? It’s just like the multitudes of people who create make money online blogs: They’ve never made money online, so they’re not qualified to talk about it.

Speaking of making money, don’t try to monetize your political blog for personal gain, especially with Adsense. If you’re going to try to raise money with your blog, donate it to whatever candidate you’re supporting. Ron Paul made a lot of money that way, so I guess it works. Another thing: If you’re going to say that all donated money goes to a candidate, prove it. I loathe people who stick donation buttons on their sites every time an election or natural disaster rolls around. Maybe my distrust of 90% of humanity has made made me paranoid, but I can’t help thinking that those site owners pocket some, if not most of that donation money.

If you’re a published political expert, go ahead, make a blog. If you’re not, stick to what you’re good at. Like me, I’m great at not getting rich. Even when I’m not even trying to stay poor, I still manage. If you really want to share your political opinions, do it on an online forum, and save the good domain names for the experts.

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  1. C-Squared Says:

    I loathe people who stick donation buttons on their sites every time an election or natural disaster rolls around.

    agreed. it’s stupid when people only start caring because something big is going to or has happened.

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