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John Chow’s Readers Are Morons

Eye-catching title, huh?

Ok, not all of John Chow’s readers are morons, but 90% of the people who comment on his articles are. It’s absolutely mind numbing to read through his comments. No, don’t go do it yourself. I’ll spare you the pain by summarizing the various species of commentators.

The Hero-worshiper, aka the sycophant

You know the type. “Oh mister Chow! You’re so smart and funny and rich! I want to be just like you when I grow up!” No matter what he writes about, the hero worshiper will praise Chow’s greatness in one way or another. Even if it’s one of his many dinner-postings, this guy will somehow find a way to compliment Chow (”You have such great taste!”). If you really want to see these guys come out in numbers, check out one of Chow’s income reports.

First post guy

  • “Great article.”
  • “lol, true.”
  • “Nice!”

These are the types of comments people make to ensure that theirs is the first. I swear, some people watch their feed readers like hawks, just waiting for the golden moment when Chow posts a new entry. They’re not interested in the content though, they just want to be the first to comment. My theory is that the first post guy sincerely hopes that someone will see his comment and click on it, directing the reader to his (most likely worthless) site.

Thoughtful comment guy

The opposite of first post guy, thoughtful comment guy will leave, you guessed it, a thoughtful comment. One that extends on for five paragraphs and sometimes cites sources. They don’t care where their comment ends up because they know that, due to its length, people may stop and read it. From there, they hope the reader will click on their link and, again, be directed to their (most likely worthless) site.

Reply to everybody’s comments guy

John Chow uses threaded comments, something that I would prefer not to do. True, it lets you reply to your readers’ comments, but it also lets them reply to each others comments as well. This can start flame wars, or in this case, allow the reply guy to exist. Reply guy replies to everybody comments with comments similar to first post guy’s. He doesn’t contribute anything, but his name is everywhere in the comments section (again, click, worthless site, you know the drill). His second motive is most likely to be in Chow’s top commentators list, which will again give him free traffic.

I-hate-John-Chow guy

This guy is annoying. Really annoying. He routinely bashes everything Chow writes via Chow’s own comments section. I can see leaving some negative feedback every once in awhile, but this guy takes it a step further. He doesn’t seem to realize that he can stop reading Chow’s blog at any time. Maybe one day he will, but until then, he’ll continue to complain about it.

Inappropriate ping-back guy

Linking to a useful article is fine, but I don’t understand why people blog about Chow’s life blurbs. For example, Chow writes about what he had for dinner. That’s fine, it’s his blog. What happens next is what I don’t understand: 10 people write about Chow’s dinner and link to it. What do those posts look like?

Go check out the super awesome John Chow’s site right now! He had [obscure Asian food] last night, man it looked good. Maybe someday I’ll learn to cook like that, but for now I’m going to spend my time blogging about what other people had for dinner!

Good job ping-back guy. I’m sure both of your readers will find that interesting.

The other 10%

The small remainder of Chow’s commentators are fine. They leave their thoughts, they don’t push their own site, and they’re most likely smart, attractive, successful people.

You know, just like all of the people who comment on my blog.

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12 Responses to “John Chow’s Readers Are Morons”

  1. Bylla @ Xavier Media Says:

    I’m glad it’s just not me that thinks the readers of his blog are morons. I alos have to say that he’s writing about too many other things then just making money online (food mostly) so I unsubscribed from his blog. I live in Sweden and I don’t have any interest in Asian restaurants in Canada!! I may return as a reader if he focus more on online activities and less on food.


  2. MarketingDeviant Says:

    I always wonder how well those commentators do in JC blog. Maybe the traffic justify commenting there.

  3. Jenny Says:

    I haven’t checked out John Chow’s blog comments, but I really doubt they could be stupider than most of the commentators on YouTube.

    You’d think the entire Internet was 14.

  4. jackbravo Says:

    Awesome! Nice. Very very true!

  5. John Chow Says:

    Shouldn’t the post be John Chow’s Commentators Are Morons? :) The majority of readers don’t leave comments.

  6. C-Squared Says:

    Oh shit! John Chow just commented on this post! D:

    *blog explodes*

  7. Eli Says:

    You speak the darn truth. Well done.

    I myself actually used to be one of those ‘first post guys,’ but I didn’t leave quite as useless comments as those ;)

  8. Jason Says:

    Hehe. This post made me laugh out loud :D

    Agreed though, although you’ll find most people that follow those with money a bit thick…

  9. Rhys Says:


    Oh….never mind.

    I couldn’t agree with you more, especially Mr. “I reply to all comments” guy. Somehow, he doesn’t reply to mine though. I feel horribly left out.

  10. Cwhatch Says:

    To understand why other blogs write about and link to John Chow’s food articles, you must understand that some if not all of these blogs are written by John Chow under assumed names. The guy got banned from Google for doing that and other no-no type stuff. In fact, I am starting to wonder whether this blog might also be secretly authored by John Chow???????

  11. Geoff Says:





    Ohhh, that’s rich. Thanks, I needed a good chuckle.

  12. Gnus Says:

    @Cwhatch: That was quite funny. :) Who knows?

    Regarding the main post, very true. Most of his commentors barely leave anything really worth contributing to the blog. (Especially the threaded comments… Please JC… Maybe disabling that one might help?) And yeah, he could really start posting about something more useful than his dinner.

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