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ReviewU: How to Make a Million Dollars

I’ve been buried under an avalanche of ReviewU requests, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do more than one per week. Today’s ReviewU request comes from Marshall of How to Make a Million Dollars. New readers, pay attention. After reading this review, you’ll understand why my ReviewU offer comes with a disclaimer.

Let’s get started

A good place to start would be the URL:


Aaaand, credibility destroyed. No, I’m serious. Seeing blogspot, xanga, or livejournal in a blog’s URL immediately makes me question the value of the site. There’s nothing wrong with free blogging platforms if you want to keep a personal blog, but if you want to be taken seriously, you should at least have your own domain name. I happen to know blogspot allows you to dump the *.blogspot.com and use your own domain name, so I’d recommend taking that route if you don’t want to shell out the $$$ for webhosting. Domain registration usually costs less than $10, so if you want to show people that you’re serious about making money online, investing in a good domain name is usually the best place to start.

As a side note, Wordpress has the ability to import posts and tags from blogspot blogs, so don’t think you can’t change platforms. I ran my personal blog on blogspot for months before switching to Wordpress, and the import took less than 5 minutes. In other words, once you start making more than $20/month with your blog, ditch the free hosting and move to Wordpress. It gives you a lot more control over layout, widgets, and pretty much everything.

Moving on

Right. Let’s take a look at the content. The site is named “How to Make a Million Dollars”, but I’m mostly seeing general financial tips. That’s fine, I’m well aware that there’s no easy way to become a millionaire, and his advice seems sound. You know what else I’m noticing about the content? There’s a ton of white space in it. Even the contact page has an unnecessarily huge break in it. Go easy on the double spacing.

He also seems to take the traditional approach to saving. You know, work as hard as you can, stash your money away, and retire at 65. Personally, I hate that idea, and I think it’s the root of our stressed out, unhealthy society. People should really question the traditional ‘work until you’re old’ retirement model. Congratulations, you’ve worked your entire life and now you can stop working. What’s the point? You’re now too old to do anything fun, you’re drop-dead bored from the lack of mental stimulation, and you’re basically just coasting on your saved-up funds until you die. You spent your entire youth looking forward, but now you can’t help but look back. Personally, I want to work until I’m physically incapable of working, taking mini-retirements throughout my entire life. Two weeks per year is not enough vacation time, in my opinion. I plan on working for a couple of years, taking a year and a half to travel, see, and live my life, and then repeating the whole process. How I do that is up for debate at the moment, but the point is, I want to get away from the traditional work/retire system. Go read the book “The 4 hour work week”. It’ll change the way you look at life.

Anyway, back to the site.

The layout

Not bad for a blogspot blog. Three columns, nice header, good color scheme, etc. Overall, it’s very average. I’d take the Mybloglog widget out of the footer though. Nobody’s going to see it down there.

The $$$

As you know, you have to be trying to make money with your site in order to be eligible for a ReviewU. This guy has three Adsense blocks, one Adbright block, and it looks like a couple of affiliate text links (not sure on this one). Those are fine, if a little excessive.

You know what’s not fine though? He has one of those fade-in ads set up. You know, the ones that don’t appear until after you’ve loaded the page, and then they gradually fade in to display another site with a ’skip this ad’ button on the top. I hate those ads. They’re just about as annoying as popups, and they’re a good way to drive off new readers.

One more thing

I know I harp on this all the time, but people, please: Set a consistent update schedule! Nobody will take you seriously if you don’t update regularly. Let’s take a look at his time stamps:

  • January 16, 2008
  • January 04, 2008
  • January 01, 2008
  • December 18, 2007
  • December 03, 2007

There’s no consistency here. If you’re running a hobby blog, that’s fine, update whenever you want. If you’re actively trying to monetize, though, update regularly. It doesn’t even have to be daily, as long as it’s consistent. If you can’t produce content quickly enough, start with twice a week, on Monday and Friday. Gradually move up to three times per week when you’re comfortable with it.

The bottom line

This site has lots of potential. In this debt-ridden country, people love to read about ways they can save money and improve their lives. In other words, How to Make a Million Dollars is sitting in a good niche, ripe for plunder. Make a few of the changes I’ve outlined, and you’ll be good to go.

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6 Responses to “ReviewU: How to Make a Million Dollars”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    I don’t think your review is harsh, it’s honest, and that’s what people should appreciate. Great review.

  2. Daily Celebrity Gossip Says:

    Great blog post, keep it up :)

  3. Some guy in Japan Says:

    You Can’t Get Rich if you have too much white space.

  4. Marshall Middle Says:

    Thank you very much for doing an honest critique of my blog. I appreciate your feedback and will consider your suggestions when making improvements. I agree the blogspot tag is a bummer, eventually I will have to make the move to a real website, with a hosting company. Thanks for pointing out that I’ve strayed from the topic a bit. I do believe in working hard for something of value, and I disagree that saving for the future is foolish. One of the original reasons for starting the blog was to create and explore different ways to make money faster. I enjoy my job, but would rather work because I want to, not because I have to in order to pay for food, shelter, etc. What would you do now, if you were free from financial responsibility? What is your idea of an early retirement?

    Thanks again,


  5. Cesar Says:




  6. Cesar Says:


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