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Forums To Be Aware Of

I get around 90% of my online information from forums. If I have a question about Wordpress, I ask on a forum. If I want to know which affiliate programs to start out with, I read through forum archives. If I want to know what’s going on in the make money online niche, I look on a forum. Forums are a great source of information, and I wouldn’t have made the tiny amount of money that I have made online without them. Here are a few of the most useful forms I’ve come across:

  1. Wickedfire. Millionaires lurk these boards. It’s a great source of information and services. For example, I learned the technique recorded in my Ebook on Wickedfire, and I recently paid a meager $20 to a team of people to submit one of my sites to 325 online directories (I needed the backlinks for an experiment). Also, I was accepted into their winter 2008 case study not too long ago, and I’ve learned a ton of affiliate marketing techniques. The information on this forum is invaluable.
    A word of caution, though- If you join, don’t ask stupidly general questions. I’ve seen plenty of people ask “How can I make $1,000 per week please tell me now.” They are usually laughed off the board. Ask intelligent questions, and you’ll get intelligent answers.
  2. Digital Point Forum. If you can wade through all the scams and broken english, this forum actually contains a few useful gems. If you want to buy or sell digital merchandise (content, domains, scripts, etc), DP probably has what you’re looking for. I recently joined to try and put my writing skills to good use (read: money), but there’s a two week waiting period before you can post in their buy/sell/trade board. Oh well, I’ll wait.
  3. Web Hosting Talk. A good place to read up on web hosting options and anything else pertaining to that industry. I occasionally find one-time server administration jobs on this forum, and let me tell you, I wish Windows admins were in higher demand (I can charge $100/hour for my services).
  4. EXPForums. The University Kid’s pet forum. Not very big yet, although it has potential, especially among those alienated from DP. Currently down due to porn spam (staring a new forum is always difficult).

There you have it, a treasure trove of information, waiting to be read. Very few things come naturally, especially making money online, so get reading.

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4 Responses to “Forums To Be Aware Of”

  1. Ty Brown Says:

    For a new blogger these are great links. Thanks for posting them

  2. diddickigma Says:

    Hello my friends :)

  3. Dustin Says:

    Wicked Fire Forums Blows ***** LoL They Are So Stupid LoL. They Are Supposed To Be An Internet Marketing Forum Yet They Flame Every Person On The Website And Look At Dicks All Day. Thats Just Plain Stupid To Me. Also They Banned Me For “SPAMMING” I Posted 2 Threads A Day Apart With One Link In Each. Its Not My Fault That 50+ People Wanted To Keep Bumping It ROLF!!!!!

  4. Randy Babi Says:

    The digital point forum wont let you post for 7 days :-( that kinda blows. But wicked Fire is pretty awesome for sure you guys should check it out.

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