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Don’t Run Your Blog Like a Webcomic

I have an intense love/hate relationship with several webcomics. I love their stories, but I hate how the authors treat their readers. While reading through the daily updates, I had a thought: What would happen if I ran this blog like webcomic authors run their comics? I can almost guarantee that none of you would ever come back again. Here are a few common themes that would drive you off.

Random Update Schedule

To start with, if I ran this blog like a webcomic, I’d update whenever I felt like it. I could update every day for a week, and then go three weeks without a peep. When questioned, I’d state that I was having “creative difficulties”. I’d also brush off my angry fans by saying “that’s what the RSS feed is for”. If I was feeling generous, I’d post a “filler article“, which would be nothing more than an unfinished post with numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

Copy/Make Fun of the Big Boys

Just like the ‘two guys and a couch’ video game comics, I’d pick some overly crowded niche to blog about. Hmm…sounds familiar.

I’d also make frequent, insulting comments about bloggers who are bigger and far more popular than I am. John Chow is a smelly Canadian.

Take Frustrations/Inadequacies Out on Readers

Oh, so you don’t think my most recent post is funny? You obviously don’t get it. Go read some other blog, we don’t want your kind here. Pleb.

Abrupt Change of Direction

I know this blog is about the difficulties involved with making money online, but I think I’m going to blog about kittens from now on. If you don’t like that, well, take a look at my last point.

God Complex

Man, it sure is nice having 1,000 readers. I suddenly believe that I am an authority on things like religion and politics, and I’ll weave those topics into my posts in a not-so-subtle manner. You don’t like what I write? Again, we don’t want your kind here.

Change of Style

I’m going to change my Wordpress theme every day until I like it. Deal with it.

Cafepress Store

You’re all going to buy overpriced, poor quality T-Shirts with my logo on it, right?

Terrible Webhosting

It takes my articles a full minute to load if you’re on a cable modem. Pity those who are on dial up.

Of course, not all webcomics are run like this. Most start out fine, and then as time passes they get drunk off of their own success. You should always remember that your readers are what made you successful, and without them you’re nothing.

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5 Responses to “Don’t Run Your Blog Like a Webcomic”

  1. Matt Livingston Says:

    I’ve been reading xkcd for some time now. It is by far my favorite webcomic. I believe that the filler comic you linked to was actually a joke in itself, not a poor excuse to admit he didn’t make a comic.

    Also, xkcd updates on a regular basis. Check the header: monday, wednesday, friday. I know you may be talking of other webcomics, but you linked to xkcd and I don’t believe xkcd falls into any of the above genres.

  2. Geoff Says:

    Oh, I know. XKCD is one of my favorite comics. It’s a shining example of what webcomics should be. That strip was a parody of Megatokyo, a comic that falls into ALL of the above categories ;)

  3. Ty Brown Says:

    Never heard of webcomics. Give some examples.

  4. Matt Livingston Says:


    From there I’m sure you can find more.

  5. Geoff Says:



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