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Know the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Sales Page

I’ve been making all kinds of mistakes in the affiliate marketing world lately, and I thought I’d share a lesson that I recently learned. I’m sure you’ve all heard of landing pages, but if you’re unfamiliar with the term, a landing page is a web page between your ad and the product page.

Google Ad —> Landing Page —> Product Page

The goal of a landing page is to make the viewer interested in whatever product you’re promoting. That’s all you have to do, so don’t turn it into a sales page.

What’s the difference?

With a landing page, you want to summarize the product, list a few reasons why the reader should be interested (use bullet points), and possibly reflect on some personal experiences with the product (if you don’t have any, make some up). Maybe post some pictures, if applicable. Basically, you need to make them want whatever it is you’re promoting. Think about what TV commercials say - “Your life is meaningless without product x! All the cool people own item y!” Stuff like that. Make them want it, tell them it’s a great bargain, and then turn them over to the sales page.

Oh, and don’t put any adsense code or unnecessary page elements on a landing page. It distracts the viewer from the actual offer.

Anyway, you want to avoid making the landing page too much like a sales page. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Prices. Unless you’re comparing the product to its competitors, avoid discussing the price. Also, people don’t like dollar signs. You’re supposed to be making them want to buy the product, despite the cost.
  • Over-analysis. If you’re promoting, say, a health shake, you want to tell people how much it’s improved your health, how much weight you’ve lost, etc. Don’t go into detail about ingredients and other specifics. If the reader wants to know how much vitamin B6 is in the shake, they can find it on the product page.
  • Company pride. You’re an affiliate, not an employee. Don’t boast about how the company has been in business for 700 years, don’t cite customer satisfaction figures, and don’t ever use the word ‘we’.

If all of that is too much to keep track of, just remember two things.

  • Landing page = Make them want it.
  • Sales page = Make them buy it.

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3 Responses to “Know the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Sales Page”

  1. Rami Fayoumi Says:

    Geoff, this is the kind of posts I enjoy reading! thanks :)

  2. Bob C Says:

    Great artilce. I still believe a lot of folks miss this concept. It’s simple enough. I guess only time, trial & error brings revelation!

  3. Landing Page vs Sales Page...What's The Difference | Tips4InternetNewbies Says:

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