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Beware of Downtime

Last night I was informed that this site may suffer some downtime as it is moved to a faster, more stable server. Now, I know you guys watch this site like hawks, 24/7, so I’m going to offer a few suggestions regarding what you can do while the site is down.

Turn your Wii into a Media Center

I found this nifty little program yesterday: Orb. Orb is a program that lets you stream content from your PC to any web-enabled device, and it’s remarkably easy to use. Install it on your computer, setup a free account, tell Orb what folders to look in, and you’re done. Now I can watch Iron Chef at work, which helps the boring shift go by more quickly. It’s even optimized for the Wii’s browser, although the video quality dips when it’s converted to flash. I’d say it’s still worth it if you don’t have a computer hooked up to your TV.

Go to the gym

I’ve been doing 120 flights of stairs on a stairmaster every day at the gym. That’s some good cardio. You’re not going to get any healthier reading blogs, so go do something physical.

Start a PPC campaign

Find a good product to promote, make a landing page, and start sending some PPC traffic its way. Start small, with highly targeted keywords, and once you’ve made a decent number of conversions, expand your targeting and your budget. You know, I’m really not the person you want to learn about PPC from. Why don’t you head on over to UberAffiliate? Good stuff to learn over there.

Browse the Entrecard store

What can 1000 ec buy? You might be surprised. You’ll find everything from advertising spots to tshirts to mailing lists. I guess Entrecard credits aren’t completely useless after all.

Update your Wordpress

Are you running 2.3.3? If not, then that annoying little update reminder bar is probably getting on your nerves. Updating Wordpress is ridiculously simple. All you need to do is:

  2. Download the newest version.
  3. Copy your wp-config.php, themes folder, and plugins folder to the your newly-downloaded copy of Wordpress.
  4. Upload everything to your Webhosting.
  5. Go to http://example.com/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php. You may or may not need to do this, depending on how old your Wordpress installation is.

There, that was easy. Why don’t you make sure all of your plugins are updated while you’re at it?

Cook a steak

With mashed potatoes and baked beans. Be sure to marinade the meat in Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder before grilling. Nothing beats good home cooking.

There, now you have something to do while the site is down. Now you can’t say that I’ve never given anything back to my readers.

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2 Responses to “Beware of Downtime”

  1. Ty Brown Says:

    Don’t marinate your steak. Good meat doesn’t need a marinade. Just use salt and pepper!

  2. C-Squared Says:

    You forgot video games!

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