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A Moment of Silence

Let’s have a moment of silence for the excellent ReviewU I wrote for today’s post.  Man, let me tell you:  It was great.  Fantastic.  Loaded with all kinds of useful advice and helpful criticism.  Unfortunately, it’s dead.  Gone.  Never to be seen (until I resurrect it for tomorrow’s post).  Why is it gone?

Little did I know that my server’s MySQL server crashed about five seconds after I started writing.  No Wordpress autosaves, no half-finished backup copies, nothing.  I hit publish, got an error, and everything vanished.

Man, that was such a great post.

You may be wondering why I haven’t simply re-written it.  Well two reasons:

  1. I am pissed nearly beyond words at the moment.
  2. When I write, the words flow out of my brain and into my keyboard.  In other words, my brain is pretty much empty at the moment.  Except for a few snippets, I’ve got nothing.  All of my creativity is spent for the evening.

So, sorry, no thought-provoking, insulting, or interesting post today.  I’ll have that nice little ReviewU up tomorrow (provided it doesn’t abruptly vanish into the Interwebs again).  Until then, I leave you with one piece of advice:  Copy everything in the post field before hitting the submit button.

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4 Responses to “A Moment of Silence”

  1. Steven Fergus Says:

    Ohh… that’s not good :( Sometimes if you go back a page the content is still there, but I know you would’ve tried that.

    - Steven

  2. Matt Says:

    You may want to consider typing your posts in a text editor and then copy + paste it over to WP. This is especially useful if I am on a computer without Firefox (I love firefox’s spell check) and can then use the editor’s spell check. WP’s is slow and misses a lot in my opinion.

  3. chroncile Says:

    Aw, that’s awful. I hope you won’t have this error in the future.
    This happened to me once and I got so pissed off that I literally started cursing on a blog post, but fortunately I spanned out of it and deleted the post before I published it. If I had published that post, I would have been ruined. :P

  4. jeni Says:

    Oh that sucks! Before I type anything - emails, posts, comments, etc. I always control-C just out of habit, incase something goes wrong. And it seems like every time I forget to do it, my browser crashes, and I lose what I just wrote:(

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