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Selling a Blog

The University Kid wrote an interesting post yesterday. Apparently, he was offered $6,000 for his blog, which he ended up declining. Good choice or bad, I’m not sure, but you can bet that I would have taken that offer.

I’ve never understood why somebody would want to buy a blog, especially in the ‘make money online’ niche. Blogs like that tend to attract their readers based on the personality and experience of the author. So, what happens after the original author leaves? The readers leave and the site tanks. Still, I would have taken the offer.

Why I would sell

If I was offered $6,000, there’s no way I would turn that down as long as the site met the following conditions:

  • Making less than $600 per month. From what I understand, the rule of thumb when selling is that a website is worth ten times its monthly income. Right now this site makes $0/month. You can probably guess what I’d do.
  • Less than 1,000 RSS readers. Lots of readers equals lots of potential monetization. Right now I’m sitting at 75, so I won’t have to think about this one too hard.
  • Fairly new. TUK is around 4 months old. I can understand why a 5 year old site would have some sentimental value, but a 4 month old site? It wouldn’t be hard to start over. Go register theuniversitydude.com and start posting.

What I would do with the money

  • Create a new blog. This would only cost around $10 (for the domain registration). I’d take a different approach to the niche and use a different theme, but otherwise the site would be very similar. Who knows, my readers might come back.
  • Brag. First post on my new blog? “Hi, welcome to Geoff’s new blog. I just sold my old one for $6,000. Here’s a picture of the check. Boo ya.”
  • PPC. I would take that money and kick my affiliate marketing campaigns into high gear. I would outsource the design of landing pages, pay people to write the sales pitch (until I could do it reasonably well myself), and generally scale the hell out of everything. The money I spent would be doubled easily.
  • Niche website flipping. Create a site, write or rewrite 25-30 articles, monetize it a bit, SEO, wait a few months, sell it. Repeat.
  • Buy a new TV. Seriously. My current TV’s picture is all faded. A man needs a good TV.

Not going to happen anytime soon

TUK has around 28 times as many backlinks as this site does, so there’s no way I’m going to be offered $6,000 for this site any time soon. Not that I’m actively trying to sell this site anyway.

Oh well, you’ll have to put up with my wit and charm until then.

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2 Responses to “Selling a Blog”

  1. Adam Dempsey Says:

    I’m not sure if I would ever sell my blog, not that anyone ever would want to buy it anyway, as the domain is made up for my name it wouldn’t make sense for someone else to own it.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Good point, Adam. I think Geoff wrote earlier about picking a good domain name if you want to ever sell/change your site.

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