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Hey Look, Some Ads

If you look to your right, you’ll notice three shiny new ads that I stuck in my sidebar. Please don’t consider this as me going back on my ‘no monetization’ policy. I still won’t open up private ad sales until I hit 1,000 visitors per day, but I figured promoting some of my favorite affiliate marketing tools wouldn’t hurt.

Just to be perfectly transparent, I get paid for each person who signs up after clicking on one of those ads. Money is good.


If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, you need a webhost. You really can’t go far using free services like blogger or free wordpress. I don’t actually use Hostgator for hosting (I have a pretty good deal with a guy I work with), but I’m promoting them for two reasons:

  1. Unlimited domains. I can’t stress how important this is. If you’re locked to only five or ten domains, you don’t have much room to try new things.
  2. Excellent affiliate program. Every time someone signs up for Hostgator after being referred by me, I get $100. That’s really, really good.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo may be old news, but that’s fine with me. They was around before Google, so older Internet users still use them, making for some good targeting. In addition to that, their clicks cost considerably less than Google Adwords, and I’ve managed to sneak a few campaigns past them that Google caught (gambling sites). Yahoo is ideal for testing campaigns before putting them on Google, if only because you’ll save a lot of money.

Just for the record, I hate their banner graphic. I mean, I get it. The visitors are sticking to the site. Funny. I still think the ad could be better.

If you sign up under my link, you’ll get a free $25 credit to your account and I’ll get $15 credited to my wallet.

Google Adwords

Once you’re sure your campaign is gold, Adwords is the way to go. Google has the majority market share, ensuring that your ad will get a lot of views. The downside is that it is considerably more competitive than Yahoo, so it will cost more. On the other hand, I’ve had some success with Adwords, and it’s pretty much required if you’re doing PPC.

Google is pretty stingy, so you don’t get any bonus credit when signing up unless you can find a promotion code. I, on the other hand, get $5, and potentially more based on how much you spend.

Tools of the trade

Once you have hosting and a search marketing vehicle, all you need are offers. I’ll talk about my favorite ad networks tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Hey Look, Some Ads”

  1. Matt L Says:

    Hey Geoff, good luck. Hopefully it brings some income to you.

    However, I’m not sure where you got the $100 affiliate amount for HostGator. It starts at $50 and goes up to $125 per signup, but you only get $100 if you refer more than 11 people a month.

  2. Geoff Says:

    If you go through Commission Junction, you are paid $100 per signup. I’ll talk more about CJ tomorrow.

  3. Tim Spangler Says:

    Mask your affiliate links with .htaccess and some PHP redirects.

    I’ll show you how later. :p

  4. jackbravo Says:

    Hey Geoff,
    I just started a site talking about web hosting (don’t know why since there are 170,000,000 other sites that do that too), but anyway…

    If you’d like to write an article about hostgator, I’m looking for content, and I’ll post it on my site with your affiliate link.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


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