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Affiliate Programs

Yesterday I talked about a few of the tools I recommend using when getting started with affiliate marketing and PPC advertising. Assuming you have the hosting and the marketing vehicle, all you need is the campaigns. Today, I’ll show you where to get them and which ones are the best.

My favorite

My personal favorite ad network is Commission Junction. They have partnerships with seemingly everybody, and you can find nearly anything to promote in their vast library of offers. Just to give you an idea of what kind of campaigns you can find there, here are a few of the affiliate programs I’m part of under their program:

  • Energy Drinks
  • Bean bag furniture
  • Web hosting
  • The Apple Store
  • Gambling sites
  • eBay

Like I said, huge variety. Their payouts are generally good, depending on the advertiser. The only downside is that everybody on Earth uses them, so competition is fierce. I like to watch the new offers list like a hawk.


NeverblueAds is good for one thing: Freebie offers. If email and zip submits are your thing, NeverblueAds has what you need. I’ve had a decent amount of success with Neverblue and the method I detailed in my eBook. Additionally, they have the best user interface out of all of the affiliate sites I’ve seen, making navigation and reporting easy.

They have other offers as well, but not in the same volume as Commission Junction. Still, they’re worth checking out.


Copeac is very similar to NeverblueAds. Actually, they’re almost identical: Most of their offers are the same. Still they’re worth checking out for at least one reason: Free landing page design. They have a pretty talented in-house graphics department that can make all kinds of goodies for you. Definitely worth looking into.

Get going

There, I’ve given you my favorite tools and marketing companies. Barring a lack of budget, you have no excuse not to try affiliate marketing. If someone like me can do better than breaking even, then you can too. Give it a try, you never know if you might get rich.

Hey, I’ve decided to have another contest. Check back tomorrow for details.

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4 Responses to “Affiliate Programs”

  1. Jason Says:

    NBA Rock :)

    CJ cancel out the availability of a LOT of their offers if you don’t live in the USA… gaah <_<

  2. Jackie Says:

    Great eBook, thanks! I want to try that technique sometime soon.

  3. Affiliate Marketing Says:

    The tools you recommended were really cool. You are a part of great set of affiliate programs. Do you think i can start up with something like multimedia product. Can you tell me more about Copeac?

  4. JustChris Says:

    I’m already familiar with CJ, so I’ll take a look more at NeverBlueAds. It looks very good.

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