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Affiliate Annoyances

I’ve learned a hard lesson over the past couple of days: Watch your affiliate campaigns like a hawk. Go over every little detail at least once per day, and if you’re lucky you’ll catch the problems that arise before they cost you. Not everything is as controlled as you would think.

PPC Budget

First of all, if you’re have a tiny budget like me, you’d do well to keep an eye on it. Adwords seems to consider the daily budget limit as more of a helpful suggestion than a rule. If your campaign is getting thousands of clicks more than you thought, Google will be more than happy to bill you. Keep an eye on this so you can either shut your campaign off or at least make some changes.

Offer Redirect

Nothing says professional like a landing page that advertises one thing and goes to another. Even if your landing page links to the correct offer today, that doesn’t mean that it will tomorrow. I’ve had this problem with Neverblueads a lot. When I’m running an email/zip submit campaign that advertises a free iPod, the free iPod page will suddenly vanish and redirect instead to a smiley download or gift card page. It’s unprofessional and annoying. Visit your landing pages at least once a day to make sure they’re still sending traffic to the correct place. I think it’s pathetic that I need to check on this kind of thing, but it’s an unfortunate fact.

Disappearing Sales Page

Even worse than the redirected sales page is the one that just plain vanishes, leaving you with a 404. I saw an offer on Neverblueads yesterday that looked great: A $3 zip submit. Too good to be true? Well, yes. It was live for about a day and then vanished. Fortunately I was funding that campaign on a free MSN Adcenter voucher, so I lost nothing but time. Still, the loss of a potential mountain of cash was disappointing. I mean, come on. A $3 zip submit? I would have been buried in money.

Anyway, these are things that we shouldn’t have to look out for, but do anyway. Keep an eye on your campaigns and save yourself some cash.

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