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I Can’t Get Rich With PPC

I haven’t had a whole lot of success with pay per click marketing lately. My idea to use iframes instead of my own landing pages was a complete and utter failure, so I scrapped that idea and went back to designing my own landing pages. That also failed. With that said, I’m discontinuing all of my active PPC campaigns until I figure out what I’m doing wrong. I plan on asking a lot of questions over at Wickedfire, reading some ebooks that I have obtained through questionable means, and basically trying to figure out how the big guys do it.

In the meantime, I’m going to take another approach to affiliate marketing: Content sites. You know, actual, useful websites with ads targeted towards whatever subject the site is on. I don’t have a very large portfolio of existing sites, so this situation has me wondering what I can actually write about to attract readers. Basically, I can write about something I enjoy doing, or something that I’m good at.


  • Video games. At the risk of looking like a complete and total hypocrite, I’ve been giving some thought to making a game site. This idea is pretty low on my list at the moment, as I doubt I’d be able to update daily or attract a sizable readership.
  • Powerisers. If you don’t know what they are, go do a Google image search. They’re a lot of fun, but they’ve been around forever so competition will be fierce. If I wanted to make a halfway decent content site about these, I’d have to have reviews, a forum, videos, etc. I don’t think I’ll have the time to build and maintain such a site.
  • Book reviews. I’m not arrogant enough to think that anybody out there would care about what I have to say about books. On top of that, I read books that I think look interesting, regardless of when they were published. I don’t think anybody is going to care about a review for a book that was written fifteen years ago.


  • Computer tutorials. This one I’m actually giving some thought to. I have a lot of experience with a few Windows-based web hosting control panels, and one of them has very little documentation at all. I’m seriously considering starting a site with tutorials and a forum to make up for this lack of documentation. I could monetize this venture a variety of ways:
    1. Create a members-only knowledgebase and have people pay to get in.
    2. Web hosting affiliate programs.
    3. Consulting.
    4. Hope the company buys the site from me.

    We’ll see how this turns out.

All in all, I’m not giving up on affiliate marketing, I’m just taking a different approach. The rest of you should learn from my example though- Don’t just dive into something that sounds good. Do your research first or it might cost you.

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3 Responses to “I Can’t Get Rich With PPC”

  1. Rick Blythe Says:

    I’m completely with you on this brother. I too have been trying to make ppc work for some time with no luck. I completely understand all of the mechanics of it, but it just never seems to work!

    You always see advice from the superaffiliates saying “think outside the box”. I’ve tried.

    Losses every time.

    I wish one of these guys would spill the beans just once just to demonstrate it without hiding anything.

  2. Jared Stenzel Says:

    You would have to have some pretty amazing tutorials, and a large wallet for advertising if you wished for a members only site on tutorials that you can find for free all over the net. I know you’re a good blogger, but do you think you have the knowledge to create tutorials so good it’s worth a membership to read?

    As for the gaming niche, you don’t need to be the top most read blog. If you hit the right topics people are searching for you will succeed. I get 200 page views a day on a simple wordpress gaming blog. Good luck.

  3. C-Squared Says:

    You could try your own hand at the Entrecard blog niche. there are a lot of them, but many are low quality and lack professionalism, so it wouldn’t be too hard to overtake. You can also use it to boost Can’t Get Rich.

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