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Would YOU Do Business With Clickbooth?

There’s nothing quite as emasculating as knowing that your freedom of speech comes with a price tag in this country.

Ok, so here’s what happened yesterday: I got a friendly little email from the fine folks at Clickbooth suggesting that I take down my post about them or face a possible lawsuit. On one hand, I’m flattered that they think my little site matters enough to be considered a threat, but on the other hand, I’m a poor college student who doesn’t have the money to hire a lawyer or the time to go to court. That being said, I took the post down.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been this frustrated in a long time. I know that they have absolutely no chance of winning a lawsuit against me, as all of what I wrote is protected under the first amendment, but at the same time I know that they can take advantage of the legal system to tie me up in court for months. They have the money to do that, and I don’t, so therefore they win. It’s infuriating to know that I have to back my words up with dollars in order to freely write them down.

That being said, I really liked what I had written for that post, and I feel that people need to know about Clickbooth’s (alleged) business practices, so I’m going to summarize right now why I will never do business with them:

  • They sent me a fairly threatening email, letting me know that others who have written things similar to what I wrote have been sued.
  • They’re suing Wickedfire.
  • Various members of Wickedfire have reported some (alleged) shady business practices.
  • Various members of Digital Point forums have reported some (alleged) shady business practices.
  • They seem to like threatening bloggers with lawsuits. In addition to myself, I know of at least one other blogger who has been threatened.

So there you go. I think you guys should know what kind of (alleged) activities this company takes part in, so hopefully you all can take this information and avoid a headache. Speaking of headaches, I’m going to try to avoid potentially sticky situations like this in the future by removing my personal liability from the picture. Can’t Get Rich LLC sounds pretty catchy, don’t you think?

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10 Responses to “Would YOU Do Business With Clickbooth?”

  1. Andreas @ Xavier Media Says:

    If you get sued you’re definitely not getting richer :D


  2. Sabrina Says:

    They’re trying to scare you, and you not knowing your legal rights is what they’re banking on. Do you have a law clinic at your university? Talk to someone there, I think you should put your post back up and on the front page and make it sticky after you find out what your next step should be.

    But I’m a daring individual, I like to test the waters and show that I am not afraid of “big” corporate America. Clickbank can threaten all they want, the merits of their case are simply not there.

  3. Jenny Says:

    I would hesitate to use them, if for no other reason than this: why should they have to be so defensive if they really have a good service?

  4. Matt Says:

    You would almost expect a larger business to send emails from their own servers, not a free gmail account.

    It almost makes me wonder if this email is indeed from clickbooth or just some random person who create clickbrelations @ gmail.com

  5. Geoff Says:

    Yeah, I thought that was weird too.
    If what you think is true, and someone out there is doing that kind of crap just to mess with people, then I’d be more than happy to send their IP address and other information to Clickbooth so they can go after them for identity theft.
    Still, the letter looks legitimate enough to me, so I’m not taking my chances.

  6. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Yeah, that’s enough reason to avoid doing any business with clickbooth. Hopefully this, or some other post similar to this will reach the front page of Google for the term “Clickbooth”. I’m not to familiar with the formal court procedure, but I’d do 3 things. First, I have the right to an attorney so I’d take a free “provided” attorney as that is all I would need. Then I would either end it in one court day, and if they wanted to continue it I would simply counter-sue for loss of wages :)

  7. Matt Says:

    @Geoff: You could always contact them via their official form on clickbooth.com and ask if they use that email. That would be a quick way to find out.

  8. nitin Says:

    Geoff, Got ur link from zacjohnson. Indeed reading ur post made me negative against Clickbooth. They are sucker to send threatening email to everyone who writes even a single negative thing.
    Tomorrow they may come and claim that they started affiliate marketing and anyone protesting the claim will be sued.

  9. peter Says:

    I know how you guys feels, I didn’t believe that joining with clickbooth will do any good for me. After I decided to join up and try it, it was good. So far I am a member for many months and I’m always getting pay on time. Being a member of clickbooth was the best choice ever made. If anything, you can email them, they have fast communication and good services.

  10. redz Says:

    @nitin: Did you ever wonder why they are sending those C&D letters to everyone opposing them? I did my research through google and I see that mostly the same wickedfire members are posting those negative comments up against the company, just like they used to do about digitalpoint and azoogle, who’s next on there list after clickbooth? , that is if they survive as a forum in general, possibly google next? because they got banned for duplicate clicks from adsense they are probably going to say that they didnt do it and start the same old crap just to keep the dying forum alive ;). I read up on both sides of the story and see what is going on now.

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