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The Daily Life of an Average Blogger

The Cow did one of these a few days ago, and my mind is rather empty at the moment, so I figured I’d do one too.

My Typical Day

  • 11 AM. Wake up. Look at clock. Go back to bed.
  • 1 PM. Wake up. Crawl out of bed, put on hat to keep hair out of eyes. Check email, see how many new RSS readers I have (hey, it’s still exciting for me), see if I have any pending lawsuits. Don’t respond to emails yet, as I’m not fully awake.
  • 1:30 PM. Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast. It’s important for bloggers to maintain a healthy diet, so my breakfast usually consists of eggs, cheerios, pasta, hamburgers, and Mountain Dew.
  • 2 PM. Respond to any important emails. Check PPC campaigns, pretend to be surprised, cancel campaigns. Check CJ and Neverblueads for any new, interesting offers. Find none, go sit on couch.
  • 2:30 PM. Video games. I have a very long queue building up on Gamefly, and it takes time to go through them all. Beat roommate at Smash Bros.
  • 4 PM. Eat again. Read webcomics, check Wickedfire for anything interesting.
  • 4:45 PM. Head to work. Unlike some of you lucky folks, I don’t make very much money online, so I have to deal with a real job. Fix Windows servers for the next 7 hours.
  • 7 PM. Go grab dinner from local coffee shop/fast food joint. Take time walking around outside to avoid the office.
  • 7:30 PM. Return to office, ignore co-workers, continue to fix Internet. I’m actually not that busy from 8 to midnight, so I use this time to brainstorm blog ideas. Actually, brainstorming isn’t the right word. More correctly, I sit and wait for inspiration to strike.
    I also use this time to read blogs, investigate potential affiliate offers, read ebooks that I’ve obtained through illicit means, brainstorm new site ideas, and read threads on Wickedfire. I can’t count on having this much free time at work forever, so I need to find some other time to get this stuff done.
  • 12 AM. Head home. Eat more, play video games, read book. If I happen to have a rare flash of insight, spend this time coding a new site and setting up PPC campaigns.
  • 2 or 3 AM. Bed.

That’s my typical day. All of that is going to change in a couple of months once I start classes again, so I’m enjoying my semester off while I can. Also, if you throw my girlfriend into the mix, things get pushed around or removed. Can’t really work on things while she’s around.

I’m going to be heading home to visit my parents today and working remotely for a week. I think a change of scenery will be good for me, as right now I haven’t had any good ideas regarding Internets in over a week. Hopefully a little rest and relaxation will help get me out of this rut.

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  1. Homebizseo.com Says:

    Sound like my day except I get off work at 5am. We may not be a rich as Warren Buffet but it is not from lack of effort.

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