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Managing Online Identity / Can Blogging Pay for My Trip?

Six hours in a car today with nothing but a few heavy metal and trance CDs has given me plenty of time to come up with ideas. I think I need to listen to more trance music, because I’ve come up with not one, but two good (in my opinion) topics for today’s post. Since yesterday’s entry was a thinly-veiled cop-out post, I’ll make up for it by writing about both.

Split Personalities

One of my clever readers asked a valid question the other day. It turns out that he found my Wickedfire username, which is alexb. He wanted to know which was my name: alexb or Geoff? Well, both. Alex is my first name, Geoff is my middle name. This brings up an important question: Why would I split my online identity? Well, there are two reasons:

  1. I wanted to keep my personal blog separate from this one. It’s really not that interesting anyway, but I’d prefer to restrict that one only to friends and family.
  2. I have split opinions about making money online. One side (Alex) wants to learn all he can about how to make money online, including blogging for bucks, affiliate marketing, pretty much anything. When I’m posting under my first name, I ask lots of questions and am not afraid to try new things. The other side of the coin (Geoff) hates the whole concept of making money online. That’s where this site comes into play. I created this site because I was sick of all of the John Chow wannabes, and I wanted to stomp all over their misguided optimism while explaining why their tactics and techniques would never work.

As you can see, I’ve got a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on here. Just like being arrogantly humble, I’m a walking oxymoron. I tried to keep things simple by just writing under both of my names and restricting one behavior to each name. Of course, that’s not working so well anymore, so I might as well get it out in the open. For the rest of you, I’d recommend keeping things simple and writing under only one name, or never, ever mixing your pseudonyms. At least I got this out in the open before I get supremely wealthy and famous. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would have been to bump into two people at the same time who knew me by different names?

A Blogging Experiment

I’ve mentioned before that I really, really want to take a trip to Japan. In fact, that’s one of the primary reasons I started investigating affiliate marketing. Since I’m not making much progress on it, I’ve decided to try a new approach. As soon as I can find a good domain name (iwanttogotojapan.com and sendmetojapan.com are taken), I’m going to start a new blog about just that: Sending me to Japan. I’ll just let the Internet pay for my trip.

I’ll try to find some related affiliate offers to promote on the site, but I’m going to try to get the majority of the money I need from donations. Of course, I don’t like getting something without giving something in return, so I figured I’d take 20% of whatever each person sends me and pick them up something while I’m over there. In other words, a $5 donation would get you something from a 100 Yen store (kinda like a dollar store, so probably some cheap trinket or chopsticks), while a donation of $100 would get you $20 worth of Japanese knickknacks. I’d also be updating 3-4 times a week with news on my feeble attempts to learn the language (I’m only going as far as speaking it. Squiggly lines are impossible to read), what I plan on packing, where I plan to visit, why I want to go to Japan, who I’m staying with while I’m there, etc. With a little bit of promotion, I think this idea could possibly work. Any thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Managing Online Identity / Can Blogging Pay for My Trip?”

  1. Andreas @ Xavier Media Says:

    Well, you’re not the only one with a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on :D


  2. Matt - That 'Clever' Reader Says:

    Your last name is also mentioned in your WF profile just to let you know.

  3. 2ThePoint Says:

    Hi again

    You might find this site helpful - NerdyNomad.com - she’s funding her trip via the monetisation of her blogs/sites. There’s also BraveNewTraveler.com

    You never know what could happen 6 months to a year from now. This time next year, you might very well be in Japan having made it possible via blogging.

    Good luck.

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